Final Episode of Sopranos tonight

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by TwoCatDoctors, Apr 26, 2009.

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    Well the final episode of the Sopranos is on TV tonight. I never saw it before, and everyone said the endings goes to black so he must have been killed. I want to see the ending because I'm wondering if it could be one of Tony's panic attacks and he blacked out as he has done before. That would give room if they ever wanted to return or do a movie return.

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    I watched the final episode where it went to black out--I don't know how many seasons there were and what season was the final episode and if there was more on the DVD that others didn't see.

    On the episode with the black out, at the end, I saw the guy go into the bathroom, saw a guy go into a seat in the upper left hand corner of the place and the two men walk in. But I didn't see the two men that came in reaching into their clothing for anything, like a gun--personally if I were a hit man I would be reaching for something, especially with Carmella and A.J. blocking Tony's view (just in case Tony was packing something). That way as I reached the table I could make the hit on him and he really wouldn't have noticed us coming. But I didn't see the producers do that. With Phil (the bad guy) killed and the car runs over his head, I just wonder if they blacked it out at the end to make everyone talk about it and come up with their own endings. But Tony is too much of a character to die--so what would he do when he retires from the mafia???

    Maybe Tony Soprano will appear on broadway with the Octomom and Tony will force Octomom out of the spotlight and away from the paparazzi to stay home and be strictly a mom.

    Maybe Tony Soprano will appear on Dancing With the Stars with Carmella.

    Maybe Tony Soprano will join the brand new Star Trek coming to theatres in May and take over and battle "gangster" style. He'll eventually turn Spock into Sil.

    Maybe Tony Soprano will teach a class on stripper pole dancing at the Bada Bing before it opens each day. He'll make sure they do it right.

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    The Sopranos show really was such a hit with so many people, and you never knew what was going to happen next. It was a good cast. Tony was a bad guy, but could be such a good guy at the same time that everybody liked him.

    I know the guy that plays Tony was really on Broadway so they might be able to get him again. If not, I've got a cat that thinks she runs the Cat Mafia here and I've got birds out back that are part of the Bird Mafia and are looking for cat fur. The birds used to take the strings out of my string mop on the patio, so I started grooming my long hair cats and leaving their fur in different places out there so the birds would leave my mop alone. Then when I forgot to leave fur, the one bird was at my sliding glass patio door just screaming at me while I was feeding the cats--he was obviously from the Bird Mafia. So this year I don't leave cat fur so we get away from the Bird Mafia at my door.