Finally a doctor that believes me!!!!!

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    of course many of my posts do not interest anyone, but just writing makes me feel better. For those that are new, starting Jul '04 - Sep '04, I gained 40lbs, tested my thyroid and it was way off. In the process of getting that under control I gained another 10lbs.

    Well then after getting my thyroid meds right for me, I was unable to lose any weight. Went on the South Beach diet and didn't lose a thing. Also all my weight is in my torso and I have a moon face.

    Tested for Cushing's 2 x's - nothing. Well in labs done before surgery I was suppose to have Feb 15th, I was sent to an Internal Med doc. Well she believes me. She is having me get a CAT scan of the abdimen and even though I have been tested twice for Cushing's - wants me to do that again - because she says - looking at me it's textbook.

    In both visits she has said, something else is going on and we are going to get to the bottom of it. She also cleared me for my surgery on the 21st to have my ovaries removed and a bladder suspension. So hopefully things will get better....someone who is not throwing this all to FM!! Well better get some work done.
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    So nice to have a doctor who does not throw us in the junk pile. It sounds like you can work with her and that is so important. Congrats! And good luck with testing.
  3. jakeg

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    I hope that this doc may be a hope for a cure for you, not that ther is a cure for FM but for any other health problems that you may have.

    Who knows maybe she may even find a way that may help you lead a normal life again.

  4. MamaR

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    So happy for you dear!
    I guess people that don't go thru what we do, wouldn't understand like we do, how happy that we are for you right now.
    It is just wonderful to find a doc that understands!
    That is such a big step forward.

  5. fivesue

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    A doctor who believes you and will find an answer. Keep this one happy! (-: She seems like she is working to make you that way!

  6. lovinlifeinAK

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    your well wishes. Yes she is a keeper. Not often has a doctor said during an appt "there is diffently something wrong, hopefully we will get to the bottom of it sooner than later, it is quite obvious. A lot of doctor's just have too much ego" - both visits.

    Was nice to get some positive feed back from the internist - especially since tomorrow night the old man and I are off to Veags for NASCAR!!!!!!!
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    Thanks for sharing about your good doctor. I am green with envy.
  8. 69mach1

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    i am sorry to say that because i don't want anyone to need to go thru what yuo are...but you know what i mean...

    have a quick recovery

  9. Gly

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    Aargh! I just wanted to edit a tiny spelling mistake and lost my post and now I'm too sore to write it all out again.

    Please check into the syndrome in the title. Recently on another board (FibroSplash) a member posted about rapid weight gain like yours, was also tested for Cushing's and diabetes, which she didn't have. But she has PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) which is part of this syndrome.

    She was finally diagnosed by an endocrinologist who explained that it was caused by 2 drugs she took, Seroquel and Zyprexa. They were taken for her sleep disorder.

    I think that's all I wrote. Hope this helps!
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    We actually lived there for 4 years...a long time ago. Pre- Alaska days. I've heard that it's changed a lot since then. Well, it should be warmer than Alaska! I'll be praying for you when you have your surgery the 21st..take care. Terri
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    I have known so many women who I "knew" had all the symptoms to this too and yet even their endo would not do a thing without all the lab work to back them up.

    Thank goodness you found a doc who is willing to look at you as as a whold person and not just a lab sheet.

    My thryoid was all whacky too. I was wearing a coat in July but labs were normal. I finally found an endo doc who treated my symptoms and my body temp is now normal.
  12. Hope4Sofia

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    It's so nice to find an advocate. I hope you're able to get more answers with her help. Let us know how it goes.