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    Those who know me will know that I've recently spent 100's of dollars having a whole battery of tests done to try and find some pathology behind all of the fibro/neuro symptoms I've been having. MRI's, ANA's, ESR's: you name it, I've had it done at least once, and often several times.
    Well I've just received back the first positive test result and it's for CANDIDA. The IgC level is substantially elevated, meaning I almost certainly have a candida infection. While I've yet to investigate the possibilities for dealing with this, I'm aware that candidiasis could certainly be causing many of the symptoms I'm having, and I'm almost relieved to find something that I can actually tackle.
    Btw, the 'simple test' for candida seems to work (spitting in a glass of clear water first thing in the am) -- my result was positive on that too.
    I'm going to search this site and see what treatments are available for this. Finally -- something to fight!!
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    ~~~Isn't it almost a RELIEF when you find out you have beasties living in you!!HaHaHa! There is an ORGanization website called curezone you've got to visit. It will help you deal with it naturally, and give you ideas on medicines.
    My question is: what is a- IGc test? and what kind of DR. did the Test? My DR. is an unbeliever in Systemic Candidiasis, and I need help, now.

    ps.Please visit the CANDIDA Message Board,Too, by clicking on "Message Boards" (Above)
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    The test I had done I paid for privately (my pcp wasn't interested). It cost me about 80 bucks (I'm in the UK btw), and I simply sent a small blood sample (via a pin prick kit) to a diagnostic lab service who did the candida antibody screen. They screen for IgG/IgM (the first indicating current infection, the latter indicating past infection). Both were positive. Not sure what the IgC figure is, but I think it's a variant of IgG. Anyway, it was way beyond normal range. The test certificate advised me to see a doc to deal with systemic candidiasis.
    The toxins from this can poison every organ in the body. Most significantly, it can produce the migratory myalgias and arthalgias that characterize FM. In this case, Fibro IS candidiasis. And I'm gonna kill it!
    happy hunting,
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    I've heard about the Candida infections? but don't really know anything about it. In women I think they get a lot of yeast infections but don't know anything beyond that.
    I do plan to do some research on it
    because a friend had a test that also
    came back positive. She's being treated by a holistic doctor of some
    kind, but is bulking at drinking
    peroxide which is part of what this
    doctor wants her to do. Any info will
    be appreciated.
    Hugs, Bambi
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    Hope this helps:

    Candidiasis can present a wide variety of symptoms, with the exact combination and severity dependent upon the individual case. Because candidiasis can manifest itself through so many seemingly unrelated symptoms, diagnosis is very often missed. The symptoms are usually chronic and include, but are not limited to, the following:

    ·Allergies: to foods and/or airborne chemicals, especially if these are acquired in adulthood
    ·Fatigue: continual, but often more noticeable after eating
    ·Gastrointestinal: poor digestion (constipation or diarrhea, gas, bloating, cramps, heartburn, nausea, gastritis, colitis, etc.)
    ·Neurological: Carbohydrate cravings, irritability, mood swings, headaches, migraines, “fogged-in” feeling, inability to concentrate, poor memory, confusion, dizziness, MS-like symptoms (slurred speech, loss of muscle coordination, vision affected), paranoia without apparent cause, mental incompetence, a variety of other behavioral disturbances.
    ·Genitourinary: vaginal infection, menstrual difficulties, impotence, infertility, prostatitis, rectal itch, urinary tract infection/inflammation (urgency, burning).
    ·Respiratory: resistance problems (easily catches anything - colds, flues), hay fever, asthma, mucus congestion, postnasal drip, bronchitis, frequent clearing of throat, habitual coughing (usually non-productive) that won’t respond to anything, sore throat, earaches.
    ·Skin: athlete’s foot, jock itch, skin rash, hives, dry brownish patches, psoriasis, ringworm, rough skin on sides of arms which gets worse at certain times of the month or under increased stress.
    ·Miscellaneous: cold extremities, white coating on tongue upon rising (non-fasting state), arthritis-like symptoms, feel bad all over.

    1. Allergy elimination treatments, done via energy therapy using water as the vehicle. Most Candida sufferers have difficulty handling proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, etc., including those involved in the detoxification process. The allergy elimination treatments effectively and efficiently remove these allergies and sensitivities so the detoxification process is handled with less stress to the body. Furthermore, these treatments eliminate sensitivity to Candida itself and its toxins (its highly unlikely that a Candida sufferer is not reactive or “allergic” to these). While allergy elimination treatments are not absolutely necessary to purge Candida, by eliminating these sensitivities first, the length of the treatment is reduced significantly and the resolution is more permanent with less “maintenance” intervention. Continued elimination of other allergies and sensitivities such as chemicals, fragrances, pollens, animals, etc., throughout the course of treatment helps lessen the burden of the body’s immune system and speeds the healing process.

    2. Colon cleanse using psyllium powder and bentonite.
    a. The preferred psyllium consists of both seeds and husks. The seeds, even when crushed into a powder, still retain tiny granules that scrape away the accumulated encrusted fecal matter. The husks absorb water and form a gel, retarding passage for a more thorough colon cleansing action.

    b. Bentonite is a volcanic ash, an inert mineral silicate. When processed into a very fine powder and suspended in distilled water, bentonite absorbs like a sponge all the Candida toxins and intestinal waste products without being absorbed into the body, thus eliminating these in the feces. This action also minimizes the die-off reaction by absorbing the Candida toxins before they can enter the body.
    Bentonite must be in a liquid form in order to exert optimal effect. If taken in powder or tablet form, the digestive system must then convert it to liquid form, an laborious task however, since bentonite does not mix easily with water.
    3. A fungicide is necessary to kill the invasive Candida. The initial fungicide of choice is Caprol, which contains liquid caprylic acid (extracted form coconut oil) and oleic acids (in olive oil). Caprylic acid is a fatty acid with strong broad-spectrum anti-fungal properties effective against Candida and other fungi but harmless to “friendly” intestinal bacteria. Oleic acid hinders the conversion of the yeast form of Candida to the more injurious mycelial form. Liquid Caprol, suspended in the psyllium gel, releases its caprylic acid at a slow, predictable rate through the entire length of the colon.

    Another effective, more systemic fungicide that can be implemented after the initial cycle of Caprol is a combination of thyme oil and oregano oil taken in capsule form.

    4. Probiotics are “friendly” digestive bacteria necessary to balance the intestinal yeast and must be reinitiated into the digestive tract after being chronically depleted. This is the forth piece in the initial phase of Candida detoxification (the other three being psyllium, bentonite and Caprol). These are active, living bacterial cultures that must be refrigerated to maintain viability.

    5. Diet modification, especially eliminating refined sugar and yeast-containing products. Drink LOTS of water, 6-8 glasses per day, to flush the Candida and its toxins out of the body. Further diet restrictions are often not necessary if energy allergy elimination treatments are included in the healing process since most of the food sensitivities are resolved before the detoxification is initiated. If this detoxification is initiated without adjunctive allergy elimination, it is critical to follow a much stricter diet modification (see appendix).

    6. Systemic detoxification using a scientifically researched combination of proteins, nutrients and enzymes to assist in ridding the body of toxins trapped in the fatty tissues of the body (especially the liver) is initiated later in the treatment process.

    Candida Detox Diet (the Attogram program)
    Just once per day on an empty stomach (1/2 hour before a meal or 2 hours after a meal):
    ·8 oz. Of water
    ·1-2 tablespoons of liquid bentonite
    ·1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon of Caprol
    ·1 heaping teaspoon of psyllium powder
    ·1-2 capsules Ultra Flora, taken on an empty stomach later in day (keep refrigerated)
    In the above order, combine in a jar with lid (a 1 pint canning jar works well) and shake vigorously for 10-15 seconds. Drink immediately. This can be taken a second time each day to speed the detoxification process but beware of the die-off reaction (see below). All products are available through this office. Please call or email if you’re interested in ordering. Products can be delivered to your address.

    Die-Off Reaction

    When a large number of Candida are killed off during the initial period of treatment, a great amount of toxic material is suddenly released, resulting in the die-off or Herxheimer reaction. This can produce certain uncomfortable effects such as flu symptoms (stuffiness, headache, general aches, diarrhea), skin rashes, vaginal irritation/discharge, or even something unusual such as numbness in the legs or mental confusion. The exact symptoms are neither important nor do they lend themselves to explanation. The die-off reaction normally lasts from one day to no longer than a week. One of the features of the above program is that the normal die-off reaction, if any, is minimized by the detoxification action of both the psyllium and bentonite since they absorb most of the toxins before they are unleashed into the body.

    If symptoms are severe, it may be necessary to cut back the amount of Caprol added to the mixture. When symptoms subside, gradually increase the Caprol over the course of several weeks.

    Diet Recommendations

    A specific list follows, but here are general dietary rules to alleviate Candida symptoms:
    ·Candida is yeast. If you eat yeast-containing foods, you burden your immune system with more yeast so eliminating these foods is necessary.
    ·Candida loves refined, over-processed, low fiber foods - especially sugars. You don’t want to be feeding the yeast as fast as you’re trying to purge it so it is absolutely critical that sugars be eliminated from the diet while detoxing.
    ·Yeast is used in many food preparation processes and flavorings.
    ·Yeast is the basis for many vitamin and mineral preparations.
    ·Yeast is a fungus. Mold is a fungus. Avoiding mold in the diet is necessary
    ·Molds build up on foods while drying, smoking, curing and fermenting
    ·Skins of fleshy fruits and vegetables accumulate mold while growing
    It's important to drink 6 - 8 glasses of water throughout each day to flush the Candida and its toxins out of the body. Consider using some type of "purified" water: reverse osmosis, distilled, or bottled in glass. City tap water should be avoided since it contains chlorine and possibly fluoride, which tend to depress thyroid function and the overall immune system.
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    What is this "simple test" you mentioned? How do you perform it and what do you look for? I think my best friend may be affected by this. She has at least half of the symptoms... (she has no insurance...)
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    I found the post with the test, I just hadn't gotten that far down on the page!!!

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    I was tested in Sept. and had systemic candida (fungal)infection.
    I initially tried using an antifungal (Nystatin) but was unable to complete that therapy, as it made me very ill.

    The regime I have undertaking, sucessfully is--
    the diet mentioned in Marcus's article he posted here.
    Berberine and Grapefruit Seed Extract--to kill the fungus
    Probiotics to resupply the gut with beneficial flora.

    I am happy to report my IBS symptoms have fallen by the wayside! I am continuing this therapy--as the candida, not only can infect oral, gastro-intestinal, reproductive systems, but can affix themselves to bones and joints, thus creating the myalgias Marcus talked about.
    I am with you--it is invigorating to meet an enemy, and be able to attack and succeed, in one aspect of our illnesses.
    Good luck in your quest!
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