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    I started having pain about 2 1/2 years ago, which was attibuted to depression or my schizophrenia.

    (I had had similar pain 15 years ago, but I was not sure if I had had this pain for all the years in between, because I was so tanked up on anti-psychotic meds the previous 13 years that I do not recall much from that time.)

    One of my family doctors had told me a year ago that I had fibro, but said this was depression and would only offer anti-depressants (I did not feel depressed and my psychiatrist told me I was not depressed). I was interested in knowing if it were fibro or something else.

    It took 2 1/2 years, and switched 3 times to 3 more family doctors before I got a referral but I finally saw a rheumatologist on Thursday.

    He was very through and I think it must have taken more than 45 minutes (this is a University clinic and he had a medical student there as well, and she had to learn things)

    He asked questions and poked and prodded and had me move parts of my body.

    He is sending me for Physical Therapy and put early fibro on the order for that, but said that I do not actually at this time have FMS, and told me most of my aches and fatigue are due to other things.

    One is my thyroid, which has been bad for years, and my thyroid hormone level in my body is not stable even though the synthoid dose was kept constant (the thyroid itself has a varible production). My currect family doctor also figured this out. This causes body aches and fatigue, especially when the temperature changes such as getting into a hot car.

    The I have carpal tunnel syndrome, probably caused by the thyroid problems. The causes pain in my hands.

    I have very weak neck muscles, and that is causing pressure on all those nerves going down my arms, and thus pain and numbness. I have always known I have weak neck muscles, but nobody noticed it before. There is probably some deterioration in the neck bones due to the stress there.

    I am 50 years old, and as we age our muscles lose tone and if we do not exercise they will not support the joints well and there will be friction there.

    The PT is for the neck. I need to get more exercise, both to increase muscle tone and to increase growth hormone levels, in case that is an issue. He told me water exercise was best. He recommends surgery for the carpal tunnel. He suggested I take magnesium sulfate twice a day. I will continue the celebrex.

    I get good enough sleep already, especially since stopping psych meds which gave me abnormal sleep.

    He was very interested in my novel and experimental treatment for schizophrenia. He remarked on how very calm I was for a schiz person and assumed it was from some med, so I told him what I do to deal with the information processing problem (which schizophrenia mostly is).

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    I am so happy for you. I moved and lost my wonderful rheaumatologist. I am now having to start over with medical doctors. What a pain!