Finally! Admittance to the fact that 60 yrs worth of saying fat is a sham

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    After reading quite a bit about dietary fats...and how eating fat doesn't MAKE you fat (it's not the butter on the baked potato...but the potato itself that causes sugar spiking...).

    Looks like the US are going to make some changes in regards to this and that after 60 years there is NO proof that cholesterol leads to heart disease.

    (Bet the pharmaceutical companies are gonna love this with the sales of their statins etc)
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    My father has had Alzheimer's for 9 years... Diagnosed when he was just 62 and is getting close to the more final stages. My mother followed the Food Pyramid from Canada, there was nothing in their home that wasn't low fat or no fat. Ever. I've been biting my tongue for years... I've always suspected the lack of good fat in his diet has had a play in this horrific disease.

    Our home has never had things like margarine in it (albeit my husband has always had butter with a but if baked potato!).

    I tried weight watchers years ago... Bought some of the food... As you do for convenience. And as I'm sure you know there is hardly a word on the ingredients that you can pronounce, other than knowing it's a chemical of some sorts.

    We try to eat 'clean' here... Although my roomie tends to come home with pizza and cookies and crap cereal... And when it's 3am in the morning, I'm in pain... Food is the distraction :(

    Starting fresh again today and drinking the ginger water and lemon juice that @RadioFM highly recommended.
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    We seem to have many things in common. My step father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's a few years ago at age 62. He told me that he rather die then change his diet. My mother on the other hand is the boss and knows the power of nutritional intervention. She has been adding (MCT oil -aka Coconut oil) to his foods (coffee) and his condition as stabilized.

    He is back to working 40 hours a week and can drive with out getting lost.

    Some may say "he never had Alzheimer disease and there is no cure."

    I assure you, my step father still have the Alzheimer's related damage. We just supercharged his brain to use Ketone bodies as fuel, restoring his brains Mitochondrial function.

    This nutritional intervention did not cure his disease. It just gave him his back his life.

    The miracle of life just happens when we give the body what it needs...

    How did my mother know what to do to help my step father?

    I gave her an American book called "Alzheimer's Disease: What If There Was a Cure? " by Mary T. Newport

    How could adding coconut oil to my step fathers diet be so beneficial his treating Alzheimer's symptoms?

    Please review this thread: Nutritional Healing Strategies Beyond The Paleo Diet

    See more books here:'s

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    Thank you for sharing this. Maybe even last year I'd mention this to her. Not anymore. Unfortunately, everyone has told her to do this and that (other than the doctors of course) and she has just shut down. Unfortunately, she won't even consider any of this. Believe me when I say I've tried.

    That's wonderful news about your father! Mine not only doesn't know me, he can't speak anymore anyways
    And he's my step father as well!

    My mother has read so many books on nutrition, health
    .. All about low fat, high carbs... You know the game.

    Thank you for this information... Always good to know to hand on to others.
    Be well.

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    Yep. I was over in the UK when the second wavered Atkins and low carbing hit. Potato farmers, wheat farmers and others were in an absolute uproar. The propaganda... And of course most of these farms are subsidised by the government... Need I say more?
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    Canola oil is pro inflammatory, yet it's still being pushed as healthy. We are still getting the message that only limited amounts of saturated fats should be allowed in a healthy diet. I think it will take awhile to fully banish the idea that saturated fat is evil in the public's eye because there was such a strong campaign with that message for decades. At least, it's getting better.
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    Yep. There's no margarine ever in our home, nor is there any 'low fat and full of chemicals' products either. My father is in the later stages of Alzheimers and I'm convinxes it's because my mother followed the Canada food guide to a T. And I think that this is also where my weight started to balloon as 10-12 portions of bread, cereals and grains a day.... Carbs carbs carbs. Breakfast was a bagel with low fat margarine, lunch break with low fat mayo, low fat cheese and margarine, dinner there was always a roll and before bed toast.

    Sweden has set the pace in regards to their new dietary guidelines and rumour has it the American diabetes association are looking at doing a complete overhaul of their food system... Considering it's the carbs not the fat that's doing the damage.
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