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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Jackie65, Feb 20, 2007.

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    I have spent the last several months very discouraged and ready to give up on doctors all family doctor told me on a visit last October that he "doesn't believe that Fibro exists, and that I needed to see a pyschiatrist". I called a pain center on the off chance I could get an appointment without a referral from my GP...not only did I get an apppoinment but the secretary was very nice and helpful and encouraging. I told her what my last doctor said and she seemed to understand my situation. She said this doctor is very good with treating Fibromyalgia, and would handle any meds I needed. This is the first time I have felt encouraged and hopeful in YEARS !!!! My appoinment isn't til May but she is going to put in for the first cancellation they have and I will probably be seen within the next few weeks. Even if I do have to wait til May, I have made it this long, 10 years, a few more months is ok if it turns out to be good for me. Just wanted to share this with everyone...this site has helped me SOOOO much !!! Thank you all. Jackie
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    I am sooo happy for you! I think a pain doc who knows about fibro will help you more than any GP could. I have a good pain doc and I hope you have found one too. Good luck and here's wishing you many pain free days ahead!


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