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    Hello everyone. While many of you probably don't remember me, I joined up about a month ago or so with a probable (from the doc) dx of CFS. After a few weeks and nothing changing I decided to get a second opinion from a Doc of Internal med. After a few tests and many hours later, she said it was NOT CFS but FMS. A few of you had suggested a second opinion. I have to go back next week for a consult (i guess) to talk about my treatment options. Anyone wanna give me an idea of what I'm looking at? They have given me Lunasta to help me sleep but I am SOO afraid to take that as I have a baby who is teething and wakes up sometims during the night and really don't want to miss her needing me, or my son for that matter. I know as soon as I take something to help me sleep---I will sleep. LOL. Which is why I'm posting at midnight. I feel like i've been ran over, backed over, and ran over again! I didn['t realize how many sympotoms I was having until the doc was asking me questions that I chalked up to normal wear and tear! Like headaches--i've had three migraines just in the last month. Who knew? And the brain fogs....I just figured that was from not sleeping well and dealing with two kids. I've also started having these intense muscle spasms. Is that normal? My back had one today that made me drop my clothes basket I was carrying. I was ready to call 911 it hurt so bad. What am I looking at? Any suggestions on coping?

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