Finally CPP disability accepted

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by canap, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. canap

    canap New Member

    After 21 month of fighting they finnaly decided I really was too disabled to work. My doctor sent a letter describing all my limitations. My advocate sent it in on Thursday and they called me Monday morning offering to settle. Talk about a destressing conversation. Just thought I would share my good news oh and my file was at the tribunal stage it would have been on Sept 3. It takes up to 60 days for the first payment which I assume is the back pay.
  2. coolma

    coolma New Member

    congratulations! I've been took me 2 years of fighting to get it. And, we have to fight when we feel the least able to! It is your future at stake, so good work!
  3. JQP

    JQP New Member

    It's never easy doing this, and all these agencies seem to make it so much harder. Isn't it great to be believed?

    Well done, and 'enjoy' the have certainly earned it.
  4. canap

    canap New Member

    Thank you I have a great doctor who believed me and does everything she could to help, not

    only with disability. I think the agencies get bonuses for everyone who gives up and gets

    nothing LOL. It's not a huge amount but will make life that much easier.

    I thought I should add that they kept denying me saying that I should be able to do

    something so I finally thought to use the list of symptoms and filled out how each one

    affected me for an easy reference for my doctor and when she sent another letter with all

    the limitations including the MCS they could no longer use that to deny me. Hope this helps

    someone. also if any questions I'd be happy to answer. I had an advocate who was of no

    help at all and still wanted 33% even tho it was settled before the tribunal, which if I hand't

    carefully read the agreement I would have missed and had that removed from it.

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