finally getting unum disablity

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  1. texasrose204

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    After being off work since oct. unum has finally appoved me for disabilty payments. they gave me a check paid back to oct. and now receiving payments every month. what a relief - answer to my prayers. one of them at least! have applied for ssi and they want me to see phy. for mental eval. to access my depression. Do they think we wouldn't be depressed in our state? Just wanted to pass this along dont give up to those out there still seeking help! After having fms and what we have to deal with day to day then have to fight for any help!
  2. robin1667

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    I agree with you on the depression comment.

    When I went for mental eval.They asked what was causing my depression.I wanted to say-DUH!!
    Go treat yourself to something relaxing!
  3. kd25

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    I am going to have to appeal. Any advice on getting them to approve? Thanks, kd
  4. ephemera

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    FYI, I posted this earlier.

    Nevada man wins trial against Unum Group Paul Revere Life

    FYI for all those with insurance claims. I saw this amazing news elsewhere. Bloomberg News,July 4, 2008
    by Liane Kufchock, Unum's appeal backfires in Nevada - Jury says $60M must be paid

    Unum Group and its Worcester-based Paul Revere Life Insurance Co. were ordered by a Nevada jury to pay $60 million after appealing a 2004 verdict of $11.6 million to a venture capitalist who sued over the denial of a
    disability claim, said a lawyer representing the plaintiff.

    A six-member jury reconsidered the evidence and decided June 26 that the punitive damages should be six times what the first jury ordered, lawyer Rick Friedman said.

    Clinton Merrick, a former venture capitalist, alleged that the companies cut off benefit payments a year after he submitted a disability claim with a diagnosis of Lyme disease and chronic fatigue syndrome, Friedman said
    yesterday in a phone interview. An appellate court upheld the $1.6 million in compensatory damages that Merrick won in the 2004 trial and the retrial focused only on punitive damages.

    'This company has been subjected to unprecedented scrutiny from the courts, the media, and government regulators, all of whom have found it improperly handled claims,' Friedman said. 'The verdicts are going to keep on coming until it changes its ways.'

    Jurors ordered Chattanooga, Tenn.-based Unum, which was in the process of acquiring Paul Revere when the claim was denied, to pay $36 million. The jury said Paul Revere should pay $24 million.

    Unum will appeal to the 9th U.S. Circuit of Appeals, spokeswoman Mary Clarke Guenther said yesterday in a phone interview. 'We do not believe the verdict will be sustained,' she said.

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    Thanks! Robin1667 what is the mental eval? And to the denial I agree you need a lawyer. I just answered their ?'s and kept them up to date with my appt. etc. and told them exactly how i felt and what i could do! I was suprised with all the bad comments i have heard about unum. But just keep on trying that is all any of us can do!
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    for the advice. I will look into getting a lawyer.
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    Sorry i haven't answered,Our computer had brain fog and has been down for a few days.
    You asked about mental eval.,They just ask about your depression,how long you've had it,why you think you have it,if your suicidal,what meds,etc.
    I told the doc I'm depressed about the unrelenting pain I have,and not getting any relief.
    Depressed because,I can't work,some people don't believe in this DD.
    Can't get on the floor and play with grandbabies!
    Having to deal with LTD,SSD papers,Ins.Co.,Dr's,.
    Because I can't be there for my folks,my children,my bf the way I want to be.
    Depressed because this isn't the way life is suppose to be.
    Don't misunderstand,I do love life,and know that I could be worse off and count my blessings for that.
    Well,anyway this is what I told the Doc when asked about my depression.
    Sorry I got long winded,was on a roll!!
    Hope this answers your question. Hugs,Robin
  8. texasrose204

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    Robin1667 Thanks for replying! I have same feelings as you stated! I am not the person i was, my bf asked me to marry him 6 mths before i was dx i always ask him are you sure i not the person you fell in love with, not the mother i was etc. I will tell them all this - if only they could spend a week in our shoes! My appt was set for 9 am this Tues. but i asked to have it changed i dont do morning well- so it will be on the 29th at 1:00, maybe i should have left it for 9 when i really have a hard time functioning! Thanks again!