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    My frusterations with not finding a sensative, knowledgeable doctor ended me with calling every PCP on my providor listing. The receptionist were either VERY helpful or just plain flighty, saying things like "CF...What?" Well, I finally got two calls. One from a doctor who has CFS patients but usually sends them to a Rhematologist for diagnosis and treatment and another call from a Doctor who has never diagnosed and treated it but has been learning about it and wanting to have a patient. I don't know which one to choose. I thought that Rheumatologists were for FM patients only and I don't know how much (if any) FM I have. What would you do?
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    the second doc WANTS to learn and treat someone with the DD~~my thoughts are to go with him. My Rheumy is kinda ho-hum about it all and doesn't do anymore than he has to. I'd love to have someone who *wants* to learn and treat!
    Good luck!
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    What many people do not realize is that PCP's cannot possible know about all the specialities in medicine. That's what specialists are for. It is up to our PCP's to see us when we are sick or for routine/preventive care. It is also up to them to refer us to specialists for our care. Every once in a while, one will find a PCP who is knowledgeable about our illnesses, but it is a rarity.

    Think of it this way, if you were to get cancer or heart problems, would you want your PCP to be treating those conditions? Of course not. You would want and expect your doc to refer you.

    Fortunately, many PCP's are interesting in learning about our illnesses. My doc appreciates my sharing what I am learning about CFS/FMS. He is building a library for reference for him and his partner. I do not expect him to become an expert on my illnesses, but I think this knowledge will help him to identify our illnesses and suggest treatments which have been helpful to me.

    Love, Mikie
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    A Rhumy to diagnose and a pcp ready to learn!!!
    Good Luck- Love, Selma