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    to see a Rhumetologist. And she is the one that everyone at the seminar I went to were commenting about.
    I went to see my dr today & asked him for the referal, which he was more than happy to do.
    He looked my files to see who the last specialist was that I had seen & it was a pregnancy specialist back when I was pg with Leah & in a very bad flare.
    This dr who obviously didn't know a THING about cfs/fms, was VERY rude to me when I saw him & my dr today read out of the notes that this specialist said that I need to see a psychiatrist. THE NERVE!!!! (Little did he know that I was already seeing a psycologist & he said that my depression was caused by the cfs/fms, not just occuring by itself!)
    It's because of people like him that I don't go to dr's when I am in pain or ill.
    I have been treated like a hypocondriac so many times since this started that I refuse to go to the dr unless I am really sick.
    But going to this CFS/FMS meeting the other week made me realise that for the sake of my health, I really need to start doing some stuff to help myself. I also really need to get the FMS properly dx'd, because it was a neurologist that said it looked like FMS to him, but he couldn't dx it.
    So hopefully seeing this rhuemy will be a step in the right direction.
    My appointment is set for the 1st of November, so I will let you all know how it goes ;)

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    Bump :(

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    Congratulations to you! I am finally going to a rheumy also and have already had my meds changed once since my first visit. Maybe he is listening...