Finally got me hearing date

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by emah, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. emah

    emah Member

    I finally got my hearing date. It is July 9th. I don't know what I would do if i were denied.

    Since findng out about the FM, I have be diagnosed with 5 aneurysns. I had one surgery this past May for the most dangerous one and am sechueld to have to have two worked on July 14th and I am scare. The surgery caused my FM to worsen and when I was in the hospital it gave me more pain than the surgery.

    Please think of me as this hearing comes up. I am stressed out about it which doesn't help any of my ailments.

    Thanx for listening and understanding.
  2. pattyholland

    pattyholland New Member

    wow Your date is one day before mine. the 10th. Please let me know on that day how it went. So I will kinda know what to except. I also had two brain aneurysns. The one on the top of the brain was huge but they went in and coiled, the other one in the back but it started to go so they was able to coil it as well.
    I did not know that the med they put you to sleep with could cause FM. All I do know is that I am in pain 24/7
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  3. DeborahLynn

    DeborahLynn Member

    My hearing was yesterday, after waiting almost three years for one! Mine went extremely well, and the lawyer said it was because if the good documentation and a letter from my doctor. Mine was over in about five minutes. The documentation was so good that I didn't even have to say anything on my behalf; neither did my lawyer.

    All these years of waiting, I had plenty of time to dream up a million different scenarios of what would happen in the hearing, what I would say, etc... As it turns out, I didn't have to say anything but "Yes, sir" to the judge when he swore me in. (Just to note, I should have said, "Yes, Your Honor", but I was not thinking straight.)

    I have been doing a lot of praying over the last three years, and I believe the Lord really answered in a huge way. Usually, you have to wait two to three weeks to get a decision, but the judge gave me a favorable ruling right then and there.

    I was so nieve (sp?) about court procedures that I didn't even now what the judge meant. We stepped out of the hearing room when it was over, and I asked the lawyer, "So, I guess I'll hear something in about three weeks or so?" He said, "The judge gave you a favorable ruling. You'll be getting your acceptance letter in a couple of weeks, and about six weeks after that, you'll get your settlement." I was floored! What a HUGE blessing!

    I did a lot of praying and fasting over the last three years, and the Lord answered in huge ways. I'd suggest prayer to all who are applying. Only the Lord knows what is going to happen in the hearing, and He will fully prepare you, when you trust Him and have your heart open to Him. He will lead you to do the right things and say the right things.

    If anyone has any other questions about what happened in my hearing, I'll be glad to answer. I'll check back to this board every so often to see.

    God richly bless you all!!

  4. emah

    emah Member

    Thank you all for your support. I am really nervous about it. Five days after the hearing is my surgery so I hope I don't appear like a nervous wreck.

    My atty is going to call e a few days before to pepare me for the hearing. She is coming here to Texas from Ohio so she says she doesn't know the judges. But she said if I were in Ohio she is pretty certain I would be approved.

    I am so tired of worrying about money and our utilities getting cut off. Most of our money is going to drs. and meds.

    Pattyholland, I will let you know how it goes. I wish there were a way I could directly write to you.

    I will keep everyone posted. My atty said it could be from 2 to 6 months before I get an answer. That did not make me smile.

    Thanx again everyone.

  5. pattyholland

    pattyholland New Member

    Hi Im not sure if we can give out phone numbers on here or not. but if we can you can give me your number then I can call you so we can talk about our hearing dates.
    thanks Patty
  6. pattyholland

    pattyholland New Member

    Hi, Just wondering how you have been. I dont know if you seen my last post or not.I know I cant get the hearing out of my mind, which I think is making my pain a 8 on the scale. Hope to hear back from you.
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  7. emah

    emah Member

    I'm not sure about giving out phone #'s but I would be very uncomfortable doing that on a post.

    Update: I talked to my atty yesterday and the call ended with me feeling totally lost. I guess I really can't say she was ambiguous, but because she is coming out state and doesn't know the judges,she just can't say. She says she is pretty sure I would win in Ohio if I still lived there.

    As far as the FM goes. She is not going to focus on it because of all the controversy about it. She is going to use mainly my degenerative disc disease, and my spinal stenosis. And even though I just had brain surgery and will be having it again in 11 days, to me it just did not seem that important to my case or at least that was my interpretation.

    She sounded so young so I asked her had she done this before and she told me she had done 250 cases last year and 13 this week and had traveld to other cities. She said she knows she sounds young.

    I will keep you posted. I wish there were a way you could have private conversations with others.

    With all that is going on, all I seem to do is sleep and take meds and go doctors. I am very stressed and do not know how I will handle another denial.
  8. pattyholland

    pattyholland New Member

    Yep that is about what I do, is take meds, sleep and go to the dr...Which all she does is keep changing my meds from month to month.(so sick of all the side effects).Besides with all the pain we from FM. Everyone keeps telling me that I will win...they say surely they wont turn you down with all that is going on with you, but its seems that they have done that to people in the past..So yea I still am scared. Patty
  9. DeborahLynn

    DeborahLynn Member

    "The Lord will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Him." I'm not sure where this Bible verse is found at the moment, but it is a good one to focus on when you're worried about the hearing.

    The Lord is eager to help you; please put your hand in His, and He will guide you!

    Have a good weekend!


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