Finally got my Mom at home and she has some HHC

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    Mom is finally home from the hospital and she does qualify for some Home Health Care. As she can't get in and out of the bath tub alone, she can't walk with out a walker and she is so hunched over and is in a lot of pain.

    She will be recieving some PT x2 a week , and I really hope that it will help her as she is so bent over and looks like a question mark. She is not able to stand up straight at all, I hope that the PT will help her to do that as if she stays like she is now she will not be able to drive , work, and do all the things that she enjoys doing.

    She is still sure that I am trying to take her driver's lieance away from her, and I am not but I don't think she should be driving any time soon. And not while the perocet it makeing her drowsy. She is not alet enough and her reflex's are not good either. I know that she needs to work if not for the money it brings her but for the ablitity to feel like she is of use and can be productive and is doing something that she is good at and is very well liked.

    Mom works with Easter Seals , they have a program for seinors to get the trained in a new proffesion. She has been helping out at a elementary school for about 3 years now and the kids, as well as all of the staff just love her.

    The kids come up to her when they see her in the stores or even when we have been out to eat, They come up and want their family to meet the book lady , you know the one who walks like this and they hunch their shoulders over and walk like a question mark.
    {that is really what she looks like , only she has her elbows pulled back and her head and neck are out in front , I guess the telbows are to keep some balance as she looks funny. }

    Now that she is home and has some one comming in to help her bathe for a few weeks my body has decided that it is done with the long walks thru the hospital to her room on the 3 rd floor. Sitting for hour's in a chair that makes my back ache so badly that I walk funny. I don't remember when my legs have ached , felt so heavy and hard to move and to walk. They have throbbed so much that I have had a couple of days where I could not walk more than a few feet, I can't stand up for very long either.

    Standing really makes my knees and legs hurt so much. In the time it takes to just load my dishwasher my legs have started to throb and I am unable to stand up so I have to go and sit down for a few minutes and then finish loading the dishwasher. Then my legs are acheing and throbing so much that I walk stiff legged.

    I am hurting far more than before all of this started , And I really hate feeling so tired that I can't stay awake in the mornings. I got up at 10 am this morning as my daughter is here for a short vist and with in just about 10 minutes I as so sleepy that I could not keep my eye's open, my daughter said to me "MOM if your so sleepy then go back to bed and sleep. I said that I wanted to visit with her and she asked me how I was gokng to do that when my eye's were closed and I was sleeping?"

    So I gave up and went back to bed and I didn't wake up again till after 1 pm this afternoon {Sunday} And then I dosed off and on all day long. I don't like being so sleepy and having to fight to keep my eye's open,then add the extra pain that I am in from the over doing it mode that I have had to be in .

    I really have learned that it bites to not have any help from your family when your mom is sick. I know that my Mom asked me to stay with her as she does not like to be out of it and not understand what she is being told is wrong with her or to stand up for her self and make sure that all the test results are in and lab reports are found. She was not able to do that but I knew it needed to be done so I made sure that the nurse's and her doctor found the lab reports and the DX was known to the doctor and how she responded to the pain meds.

    I was so angry with the nurse's as they didn't belive me when I said to them that the perocert 10's were to strong for her.AS she as incoherient and disorented , and was telling me that she was taking her car to the fair grounds and getting it in there and I was not to tell her what she could not do and I must stay there and keep them out of there. What she was talking about I don't know. I just knew that she was not there.And she kept trying to get out of bed on her own and would get mad at me when I would tell her to call her nurse and to get someone to help her.

    She told me to not tell her what she could or could not do and that I should be the one who should be helping her get out of there. Finally she had to have a alarm put on the bed to beep every time she tryied to get out of the bed.

    I am sick of nurse's telling me that I have to help her and I am walking in the hosptial with a came and I am asked to help lift her. I can't do that. As much as I want to help her I can't lift her even with help it is too much for me to do.And at the hosptial they have help to assist them lifting patients. I guess they thought that I was going to do that when she got home.

    I had to tell the Phyical theriapsit that I have fibro CMP Degeneritve disc disease and much more and I was not albe to lift her and get her out of her bath tub , I can't to things like that or I will be the one in the hospital for a hernitated disc.

    I am so fatiqued and achey all over. So it is time that I got off the computer and went to bed. My daughter leaves Monday at 11:30 am for California .She is meeting her boss {she is nanny } her boss has a job assignment in LA and my daughter has to meet her there so she can take care of the kids. IT has been good to have her home even for a short visit.

    She tells me that she is going to quit being a Nanny in december as she is so sick of it all.
    She quit once before and found that there are no jobs taht pay what she is making as a nanny. But then it is hard to take care of other peoples kids. You have to follow their rules even when they change daily.

    Well it is time to go to bed as my left hand is getting numb. And I ache all over, Thanks for all the support that you have given to me in the past week. I really thank you for it...


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