Finally Got My mp3 Player/Phone To Work

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Dec 22, 2006.

  1. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I'm so excited. Verison gives you a free phone every two years and I got the new Razr. Lordy, it does everything. I've been too sick to want to fool around with installing the programs and hardware to download songs from my computer to the phone's chip. Well, tonight, I decided to do it. After a couple of frustrating hours, I finally got it to work. I can buy tunes wirelessly but I probably won't. I have enough music to load it up.

    This is sooooooo cool. I had the ear buds in, listening to music when my daughter called. All I had to do is press the button on the little mike which hangs on the right ear wire. I don't miss calls when I'm listening to music. The quality of the calls both directions is much better with the earphones on than just holding the phone.

    I'm not tech savvy at all and I've been dreading learning how to download music. I'm glad I kept at it til I got it to work. It's so easy to get left behind in this techno-crazy world today. I probably wouldn't buy an iPod but they are so much easier to download music to. Since the phone was free, I decided to go ahead and buy the chip and earbuds and I'm really glad I did.

    I realized that I've let music slip out of my life slowly over time. I'm not wild about most of the new music. MTV broadcast a John Fogarty concert in HD with Dolby 5.1 tonight. I was singin' at the top of my lungs. It was good. Now, I have to download the Creedance Clearwater CD to the phone.

    If you want to pay for the services, you can watch podcasts of TV shows on the phone. It is also a GPS but you have to pay for the service. I know where everything is, so I'm not using it right now but if I were to go somewhere new, I might.

    It's a camera phone and even stores fun frames you can pick for your photos. I take them and send them to my e-mail and then save them to my computer. My old phone took pics too but this one is better.

    Well, I had better get to bed. It's getting late for an old lady like me.

    Love, Mikie

  2. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    you say you're not technical savvy but its sounds to me like you've got a good grip on these things.

    I just got my first mobile and still cant use it properly, cant take photos or anything so will have to get a lesson from my kids, who have no patience with me at all.

    Your MP3 player sounds brilliant.

    Hope you have a great Xmas.


  3. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I wish I could bring everyone down here for a break in the sun. It's really still too hot and humid, not at all like our usual Dec. weather. It should be ending by next week. I hope so.

    Even my own kids feel lost with all the technology today. It's the youngsters who know how to do all this stuff. I either need to start hanging with some nerds or some kids.

    Thing is that doing the techy stuff takes a lot of time. I just don't have the energy for it all and my frustration threshold is low. What energy I do get, in between health crises, is spent trying to play catch up while everything has gone to hell in a handbasket while I've been down.

    I'm telling myself that all these unrelated health issues will be gone by year's end and that 2007 will be a much better year for us all. I like Dr. Wayne Dwyer's way of praying. He thanks God for what he has, tells Him what he's asking for, and then tells Him that he's so excited because he knows it on its way. I pray like this too but I really like the phrase, "...I know it's on its way." It helps to stay positive. Believe it or not, I pray when I try to do anything the least bit technical. The Rev. Joyce Meyer prays that her pantyhose won't run or snag. I laugh at that one. But, I digress.

    Merry Christmas to all and good luck to everyone who gets electronics for gifts.

    Love, Mikie

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