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  1. lynncats

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    Well, it is finally over....rec'd letter from the judge stating fully favorable on Tuesday. And today I got my retro check, oh my gosh, my head is spinning. I can't thank you all for you thoughts. Anyone going thur this......don't give up!!!

    Twocats....if you are reading this, I hope things are going well with you and your eyes. Take Care!!!!!!


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  2. lovinsportsmom628

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    How long did it take after your appeal to get your award letter if you don't mind me asking? I went to my appeal with the judge in April this year and I still have not recieved any word it is just killing me, she more or less told my attorney that she would grant me disabled as of 1/09 so all she had to do was the paperwork. But I'm dying to find out. Did you get you check the same time as your award letter?
  3. lynncats

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    My court date was June 3rd 2010, judge mentioned then that he found me disabled. I rec'd my approval letter 1-1/2 months later (july 13th, I believe), then I got my backpay check today (7/17). It is such a crazy I believe my regular check will be coming soon. Hope this helps.

    Good Luck to you

  4. HeavenlyRN

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    Hey Lynncats, congratulations to you. You must be so relieved.

    Lovinsportsmom, my hubby has been battling 'the system' for over 3 years. He had a hearing before the judge on February 3rd, at which time the judge requested more information by March 23rd. We gave it to him the next day. Then, he said he wanted 'an expert' to review the paperwork. Well, this so-called 'expert' was a real quack, as far as I'm concerned. Our attorney sent us a copy of what the expert had filled out. It was about 75% illegible. We complained to our attorney and he, in turn, complained to the judge about it.

    It's now July 17th......and we STILL haven't heard anything. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is "hang in there" (I HATE it when people tell me that!!!!!). We have found out, the hard way, that it is virtually impossible to get these folks to get off their tushes and do anything quickly. I don't know where you live, but here in NY it's apparently not unusual to wait 3 years for the process to be it is with my husband's case. At least the judge told you that she would declare you disabled. My DH hasn't even been told one way or the other.

    Sorry.....I guess this turned into a little bit of a rant. I was trying to be supportive but I don't think I succeeded. Apparently it really IS all about me today! :)

    Good luck and let us know how everything turns out.

  5. Lynn,

    Thanks that helped. Well Congrats to you so happy for you. By the way if anyone wonders I had to create another username. formally lovinsportsmom628. Now livingwithfibro628


  6. Thanks. I'll try to hang in there it just really sucks with no money which I know alot are on the same boat, but alls we can do is wait we are at their mercy.

  7. lynncats

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    took 1 yeaar and 8 months. Two denials than ALJ. My "rep" was wonderful, but the waiting/process S**ks.

  8. It's been 2 yrs 3 months for me, 2 denials and the adjucator judge now just waiting for hopefully my award letter soon! I wonder if it makes a difference on what state you live in? Hmmm? I'm in Illinois. I'm just so anxious now the waiting is theee hardesttt!
  9. lynncats

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    me and my sis actually talked the other day, about whether or not what state you live in matters......I'm curious. I'm in Florida. Keep your chin up, be patient (I know that's hard, trust me). Let me know how it goes.