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Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by sorekitty, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. sorekitty

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    Well, I have been wanting this test for about a year now. I am seeing a new dr recommended by the LLMD of which I am number 125 on a wait list! I got the igenex western blot but not the $475 one that was recommeded . . .YIKES I got the basis one. I should have the results in about 2 wks. Does that sound right? Seems so long.

    I may need some advice here once I get my results. Thanks for reading.

  2. buttercakes

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    I waited about 10 days for my results, so 2 weeks is normal. When I was tested by Igenex, we did the IGG and IGM western blot and it was about 200 dollars. Good luck, let us know your out come. I will be glad to answer anything I can for you. I hope everything goes well. Sandie
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  3. sorekitty

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    I appreciate you letting me know it can take as long as two weeks.

    Thanks for the support:)
  4. redhummingbird

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    Hi Molly,

    Buttercakes is right. Mine took about 2 weeks as well. It was kind of hard to wait.

    Keep us posted. We'll be glad to answer any questions we can!