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    Finally healed 11/28/04 07:48 PM

    By the fgrace of God go I . I started out on this boards a couple months back and I mentioned it was just a matter of time that I would be healed as I have been healed of many chroonic deseases by the age of 52 now. Some my be leary of me because I am shamless when it comes to praising and mentioning the Lord Jesus's name , but he has never failed me through many shipwrecks in life . I offended on e gal and possibley many others , but I cannot speak of the things which I have seen and hard . I believe that God has a healing for all of us when just need a little direction on which way to go to recieve it. Naman got healed of Leprosey , but he didn't want to go to the Jordan river. He wanted a cleaner river , but God has an illogical instruction for each one of us conserning the how of recieving the healing he has already paid the price for through his only Son Jesus Christ. .
    As for myself I 've found that when I fet sick and tired of being sick and tired and het mad and start crying out to God in serious desperation for what step to take next - that I get a word or some new direction of some kind.
    My latest discovery has been asking for and forcing praise through the most painful weeks I've had in a while while on top of that I have a new Dr. breathing down my back about taking me off all my pain meds w/ 2 bulging disks and body throbing Fibro since 83.! I start asking or yelling where do I go Lord who do I talk to what do you want me to say , fill me with your joy I need some strength here and I am going to praise you all day just because you are Love and soviern and I could do alot for you you if I could handle sitting iat my PC and putting these daily poems you are giving me into it and I am getting overloadded, and their comming so fast I can barely finishing them . ! So I was stuck in my chair in tears two weeks and kept writing and got excited finally after much prayer and confessiom and God filled me with his joy last Tues. So I was in pain , but full of joy!!! God just gave us an appricott poodle who throws 6 pups for 200.00 and I have a stud and I can hardly keep uop with his blessing s , so I went with Bob in pain to by some roll of picket fencing as my male makes her wander so we had clean the leaves up day and put up fence while I painted the mailbox, pain ,but the hell with ot i was rejoicing . Found when Paul was in prison he used the word rejoicong 10 times in the book of Philipians!! Rejoce always again I say rejoice, as the joy of the Lord is our strentgh . Strength for what I asked ...????? GG Faith?? Its that joy and praise and rejoicing I expressed daily all this last week what licked in my healing >??? I woke up the day before Thanksgiving or the day before that and told Bobby "I dont know where my pain went , but I sure am having fun( sure it was going to kick my ass that night " but it never happened. Thanksgiving day I had some sharp bad pains in my lower disks , from typing poems all day at the PC keeping my mind off my sons firsth Thankgiving w/o/ him and the rest of my body had no pain!!!!!!! I remember getting pissed at God last week and then copping to my bad additude as I am as honest with The Father and the Lord Jesus as possible as he knows me more than I do , so their is no hidding . He wants our honest and doesnt like to be manipulated or begged , though I've been there too. We don't have a healing problem so much as a faith revelation problem. You can get all to far into the supernatural with the Lord unless you are asking and believing for revelation from him . You know , that the eyes of your understanding being enlightened that you may know what is the hope of your calling and the riches of the glory of his inheratance in you and all saints , by Jesus Christ ( talking and revealing it too you of course. I'll admit , I'd be backwards and flat on my rear wiithout Pastor Paula White on TBN christian Tv. Ive been healed of MPB chronic depression, numb legs (was falling down) and asked the Lord about that and he said to go to this particular church on this particular night and I got healed , and stopped falling down at 51 years old. Praise God. In the last two years I lost 2 docs w, was slandered and taken off meds that cost me to have strokes at two different times which God healed and Bob got me another doc and he put me on stroke meds and the other med so I wouldnt die , and 2 concussions and sinus problems and 22 years of acid reflux, and a bad painful epideral, Barrenesss and had 3 sons, delivered of drugs and alcohol and saved my life countless times , just that I know about , and I am here to tell you tonight that Jesus Christ is no respector of persons and anyone who sincerily seeks him and invites him in he will come in and impsart his nature of hope faith and love . He will answer you after a dark night of the soul and mostly I've been praising him since I found the name of my pain. I said what ever action I must take , move me in that direction and so I've been praising and shopping and acting like there's nothing wrong, and I can't put my finger on it. I will rejoice , no matter what . This is the first Autumn I have been able to experience since having to put my children in foster care ( 2 youngest) in Oct 31 1989, I was so sick with memories and dissasociation from Multiple Personality Disorder. He completed that unification of 22 personalities on Aug 31, 04 this year, and I've much work to do. I am praying my artistic abilirt returnes. I had many good Joe" but mentally ill personalities and me the momn went into hiddin) It was very tramatic and Ive had seasonan depression despite my meds since then until this Autumn. So that has added to my rejoicing much and I feel like a butterfly. When I was first merged a little over two years back to start I had my son do 3 butterflys on my arm to cover self inflicted scars from the pain of losing my children who were well cared for. I feel like a butterfly. I have truely been transformed by the renewing of my mind, Romans 12;1,2. I have been saved by grace and not by works in a small church on June 15 , 75 , and not by works lest anyman should boast , Eph. 2;8,9. Old things passed away and all became new , despite the attacks on my family and life over the years, as all those who will live godly in Christ Jesus SHALL suffer persecution.
    I am working 8 hours a day again now and dont have time to talk much on web, but will try to check in. It has been great having your support and I hope knowing me has been some kind of help and encourgment to another. Never give up , even if they laugh at your face and live everyday as if its your last . I truely am one of those foolish things that confound the wise I am not even educated, or trained in anything.
    I am " born again" and spirit filled and I like to keep it overflowing with praise, and I still watch alot on Trinity Broadcast Network(TBN )Christian TV and visit different churches as I have been in an emotional wilderness for a long time and now waiting for his directions as I'm not real social. I have come so far and thats what I like to focus on , and all because of the Lord Jesus , and he loves all and wants all to know his love and recieve the attonment he made for their sins as we are born into sin. We are here to earn heavenly rewards and determine our position in eternity, and our lives are so much bigger than a desease or a loss. I have been continuing to grieve the loss of my 27 year old son and build stronger relationship with my other 2 who love me dearly , but stress still over having to be put in foster care. I let Satan beat me up with that until my final healing when God revealed that I did do the right thing as hard as it was , I was so sick and they were well cared for. God will bring forth mighty ministries out of their pain and recovery and they are bothin recovery for drugs and alcoho now. I've been around , to AA, NA incest anny, and ACA, love that one and I've been delivered from Co-dependency, 9-15-04, and that was major and harder to kick than cigs I think its so intertwined. I looked back in my journal and it read "God please del. me of Co_Dependency. 24 hours later I was free thats why I don't sit in AA or allanon as I have recovered like the book says if you read it right. By a Spiritual experience.
    I have restored hope after finding out I had Fibro awhile back and no wheelchair ahead so I became cery excited about breeding poodles again. Got an aprict bitch, and a 6 lb, stud toy and she'll throw reds. Very excited and made a cute yard and my God given man raked 12 bags of leaves after putting up the fence. He's so changed since he completely turned his life over to God several months back and has also been delivered from so much . God is so good . Remember Ecc. 2;24. Life is to be enjoyed , and he is our peace read Phil all, , Ecc11;1-6and Mal. 3;6-12. I Cor 13 says no matter how much good you do , if your motive isnt love , you aren't as "nothing ...You ARE NOTHING. God bless , try to get back soon. LOve Jubi

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    Well Jubi, 11/29/04 01:28 AM

    You said it all!

    I know exactly what you mean in every part of your

    I've seen healings,deliverances and miracles thru the
    NAME of the Only begotten Son of God Jesus Christ.

    I've been healed of things before and witnessed healind/deliverances of infimities,diseases,addictions , but this time this mountain hasn't moved ..yet.

    You've given many things to think about and to do.
    Thank you.
    I'm so happy for you!

    I'm going to start working with and being ministered to by a Chistian Ministry group this week .. by phone
    (for now), since I can't make the trip.
    They're 60 miles south of Atlanta, Ga. and are affiliated with a non-denominational church of 10,000 people.
    (NOT some kind of cult group by any means).

    They've winessed many healings of EVERY Sickness on this message board, and MANY more.

    I believe you could also benefit.
    They have teaching and training seminars
    on Healing and/or prevention.
    They have a 38 acre campground and Rv park, plus cabins, bed and breakfast locations, local hotels and private homes.
    Swimming ,fishing,rafting ...(not for me..yet)

    My brother in Iowa has a friend (Brian) of 20 years, - who now works for him.
    Brian wrote me a letter two weeks ago when he heard of my situation.
    He told me about when he went down to
    Pleasant Valley Church and wrote:

    " ..I was healed of spiritual and physical bondage.
    I met many others who were also healed of MCS/EI.
    I am convinced that God will heal you as well, and set you free in ways you could never imagine, just like he did for me".

    Anyway, You and anyone reading this..
    Check out their website.
    I'd send for info materials and the book by Pastor Henry W. Wright.
    I have a video tape of a lady healed of 21 diseases.
    Amazing. Jim : )



    Hi Jubi~ 11/29/04 04:27 AM

    Your post is a great!! I'm so happy for you!!

    Shameless about your strong beliefs in Jesus is wonderful!! I know the powers in Jesus's name~

    I have'nt yet witnessed them on myself,...but I'm working at it. I have every Hope that some day I will be free of illness too~
    Thanks for sharing this with me,... You are an inspiration of all that can be.
    Walk with your faith!! without it, we have nothing to gain.




    Jubi 11/29/04 10:45 AM

    I am happy to hear that your faith is helping you so much with your physical problems. It is always great to hear such happy news. I know that my faith has helped me through the rough spots.

    Some tips for easier reading by our members. One long paragragh is really hard for us to read. Breaking it up into seperate paragrahes is so much easier for us to read.

    I also wonder if this message would be more appropiate on our Worship board

    Thxs for your message

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    Praise God and Thank you for posting that Shirl. It really gives hope to those of us awaiting our healing. I am already claiming it done for I need a physical and financial healing/blessing pronto. God is great.
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    This was not my post, its 'Jubi's', I moved it from the CFS/FM board here where it is more appropriate.

    But will be happy to pray for your request, God bless hon, and I do pray that all your prayers and hopes are granted, God is good, and He hears all our prayers and requests.

    Shalom, Shirl
  4. Freedom1

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    Thank for what you said. And, I did know that it was Jubi's post. I was just thanking you for sliding it over here. It is a blessing either way.
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