Finally I am going to move forward with the divorce..

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Suzan, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. Suzan

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    I just got an email from my lawyer...."he" was served at 10:30 last night. After 6 weeks of waiting..and a comedy of errors...
    Now I know the papers are in his hands...and my atty. said that he will get the maintenance documents to me via email...Friday or Saturday..I just have to agree to them..sign them...send them back..and we can get to a court room.

    I am both relieved...and a bit freaked out...It is still so hard to believe that this is what I am doing. But I know I have to do it. There is not a way I could go back to the my own head and heart I can't...but also it has never been an option from his side.

    So I will have to get my strength up...and see what my atty. proposes....and hopefully it is a good agreement for me.

    But at least now I am finally going to be able to make a step forward...and that is a very good thing.


  2. Suzan

    Suzan New Member

    This is one of the most difficult things I have ever been asked to tackle in my life.
    But the longer I am away from 'him'..the 20/20 view of it all is helping me see that 'he' wasn't a good partner for me for quite a while now.

    He didn't want to acknowledge the truth of FM.

    He chose a selfish path in his life. Even my son's are now saying things to me that let's me know they have realized that their father 'didn't show up' for them in their lives...just as he chose not to 'show up ' for me in this illness, or in our marriage.

    I deserve and will have more than that in my life.
    So , yes, this is the path I must take. It is a very painful path to be sure, but in the end,I believe it is the right path for me, and that I will evenutally feel a peace, and a happiness, that I haven't felt in quite a while.

  3. hugs4evry1

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    I know how difficult this is for you, but stay strong.

    We'll be here to help you any way we can along the way.


    Nancy B

  4. Granniluvsu

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    Yes, this is a hard road, especially since everything is more or less coming to a head at this time. Boy, it surely took them awhile to get the papers served to your almost X.

    It will take strength but I know you will get through it OK. You are really a very strong lady and I have every confidence that you are doing the right thing and that all will work out well for you.

    May God continue to give you the strength that you will need through the whole process and as your life as goes through its many changes.

    Warm hugs and blessings,

    Granni (Marilyn)
  5. 69mach1

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    you will be the stronger one between you and your exhb to be.


  6. inthemoment

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    Did you paint that painting on you profile? It is amazing. I so love art and have not an ounce of talent. Good for you. You obviously have love in your heart and soul. No doubt in my mind that you will have no trouble moving on without the ungrateful husband and if you choose finding someone who is truly grateful for all the good in you. Just think this marriage could have went on longer with you living with a man who couldn't live up to the in sickness and in health that I am sure was pledged to you. One foot in front of the other honey and you got it going on. Congrats
  7. doxygirl

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    Just wanted to say "hi"......hope things are better each day for you!

    My marriage is in a very bad way as I write fact I have been NC for about a week now...and I have no plans on changing that.....

    the last incident when he did something mean to one of my beloved dachshunds I was only trying to tell him how hurt it made me feel and he told me he "was hanging up on me"!!!!

    and "no" he was not on the phone he was yelling at me and walking away as saying that nonsense.......I tried to say Iam not finished and he just kept walking away....

    so he did and said what he wanted but was too much of a coward to listen to my feelings........

    that pretty much was the straw in the camels back for me....he came home the next night and tried to act like nothing was wrong ......all the while touching my leg....and was making me sick finally I allowed myself to tell him I did not want him touching me anymore!

    It felt so good to put him in his place for once in my life......."yeah" I have always tried to stand my ground with him ....but this time I meant it and I think he knows......because every day he comes home and goes into the bedroom like the coward he is!

    I honestly think he is afraid of being rejected from me again......WOW wonder how he likes it one time in 22 years being rejected by your wife that he has been rejecting for over 22 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I didn't mean to go off onto my situation just wanted to let you know how proud of you Iam and that looks like soon I will be following right behind you as far as leaving and divorce!

    I always have you in my thoughts!