Finally, new doc ran bloodwork, found a lot. Not all in my head

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    Got a new GP and she is really trying to find out what is going on, finally. I had bloodwork done and I am posting the results in the hopes that someone might be able to make more sense out of it than me. All it is telling me is that I do have an AutoImmune Disease. I was just wondering if anyone had started where I am with their blood results and, if so, how long and how many more rounds of the same and additional blood tests had to be ran before they finally were able to give a diagnosis? I have been on the fibro board for a while but I have been steadily getting worse. Very severe pain and fatigue. I had blood work done and the results are as follows...ANA Positive. ASO shows numbers at 411 or higher, normal is 160 or below. SED Rate elevated. And CRP at 6.2, normal levels should be .8 or less. Does this make any since to any of you? My doctor put me on 10 days of 875mg Augmenton and then I go back to be retested. She knows my pain and fatigue have been going on for years and I know this is just the beginning of many tests. I just wanted to know if any of you might have any idea of what these numbers mean together. I can find all kinds of info on the individual tests but nothing in regards to the combination of all. Your help would be appreciated.

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    there is a condition in children called PANDAS. it is caused by the bodies raction to the strep bacteria - which i think that ASO test is supposed to look for.

    they only talk about it for children, but i always wondered if it could affect adults.

    here is one link:

    but if you do a google for "PANDAS, strep" you should get alot of info.

    the first treatment is usually antibiotics and then they also try something called IVIG. coincidentally, some people with CFS have tried this IVIG and had good results. maybe there is a connection.

    also, i think that some people wiht Rheumatoid Arthritis test high on that ASO test. have they done a test called Rheumatoid factor.

    if this is positive you might want to do a search here and on google for a treatment protocol called the Marshall Protocol.

    it was developed for a condition calle Sarcoidosis, but is also used by Rheumatoid and CFS patients.

    finally, if none of this leads to you feeling better, mabe go see and LLMD (lyme literate medical doctor) they do special lyme tests that regular DRs don't even know about. (they use a lab that specializes in lyme called Igenex)

    anyway if you want to find an LLMD near you go to:

    use the "flash discussion" option which is their message boards. and look for aboard called "seeking a doctor"

    sorry to thorow all this at you, but i was glad to hear you have a DR that is trying to help you. they are hard to find.

    let me know if you ahve any questions about any of this.

    good luck,
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    Hi, just wanted to let you know I too have gone through blood work which seems endless with no real results. I had a high CRP and low WBC, but I believe the ANA was negative, although my daughter tested hi. Who knows. I guess they just keep testing and put it altogether as a puzzle. Hope you get answers soon. I am waiting and hopefully this week I will have answers. Now what the doctor will do with those answers is anyones guess. Yes, it is frustrating. Good luck and let us know how you make out.