Finally posted a pic of my precious Pug, Abby, another TY,

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  1. for everyone who thought of, sympathized with, could relate to, and especially who prayed for, my babydoll ABBY, as we went through the horror of her having 9 grand mal/cluster seizures in about 4 days, starting with 1 thanksgiving morning, 3 the next day, 1 the next, 4 more by monday (4 in 10 hrs!).

    So much seizure activity, in so little time, and her being only 13.5lbs or so, left her in baddddd shape. Her "post-ictal" phase, which, at *MOST* is SAID to last (post seizure behaviours, such as pacing, whimpering, confusion, blindness/deafness, incoordination) only minutes, to at most, hours.....hers lasted almost a week, after* the seizures were under control, and scared my husband & I terribly. She barely slept AT ALL for 3 days...meaning, neither did I. Paced constantly, whimpering, running into things, she needed to just pace non-stop, smelling things, since the vet discovered several days afterwards, that she could only see a slight bit out of her right eye, none out of her left..

    We were also terrified when he'd said her heart could* be enlarged, via X-ray, but sent it to a specialist to find out for sure.

    I'm thrilled to report, she is doing fine, she's 95-100% herself, (she seems a bit more clingy, & kissy :)

    The result of the X-ray finally* came back, after about 9 days of worrying. Her heart is NOT enlarged.

    Her trachea, though, is too narrow in one area..though, the vet has not mentioned any actions to be taken, or whether it's needed- (she does scarf her food down, then coughs it back up-she's always eaten like a little piglet) and, also, vomits at times...this must/may be why, or contributes...

    Also, one side of her heart pumps harder than the other...

    BUT, she seems great now, shes on phenobarbitol & potassium bromide, for her seizures. I do not like the level of pheno she's on, gives her TERRRRIBLE gas, like never before...and she wees much much more often, due to excessive thirst, but in time, once we're sure her pheno level is at a 'good' level in her system, and she remains seizure free, or as close to, as possible, then we can hopefully lower it--pheno can cause liver damage in dogs, in as little' as 2 yrs..

    But, one thing at a time, and one day, at a time.

    Thank you ALL for caring, & praying for her, I have NO DOUBT the prayers helped.

    Now, if you all could just pray things will ease up for my husband & I, my uncle, who recently lost his leg, due to cancer/then 6-8 bacterial infections, and an aunt, who lives in N.C. who is also very ill, and needs a break (fibro, brain aneurysm, treated for rocky mntn spotted fever, has migraines, etc) and works to take care of her husband who is very ill, as well as his mother, accrossed the street from them...

    For us- truck got out of the shop, for the 2nd time, and left my husband stranded* 35 minutes away, just HOURS after he picked it up! My mother, who has fibro, had to drive to get him off the side of the highway! GRR! NOW, we had it towed, to a DIFF garage, and they* suspect* it may be the fuel pump---which THEY put in, not even 2 yrs ago..

    We just had a water leak under the house fixed,
    now--(same as LAST YR!) our water heater, which is less than 3 yrs old, the pilot will NOT stay lit...2nd time this problem has happened--I'm praying my Dad can help us again, if not, the plumber again $$$$$

    Anyways, I know we've ALL got troubles, it's just really wearing my sweet husband's spirit down, with all that's been happening, and this* is just half of for me..I've BEEN breaking down, for a while now...

    Just pls keep us all in your thoughts/prayers,

    and thank you so much.

    Enjoy the pic of puggy :) the camera doesn't do her justice! Camera's just can't show PERSONALITY :)

    I'm hoping to post a funner pic of her sometime, when the scanner is hooked up/working again.

    Take care, & happy holidays all, I lurk more than post, lately, and always pray for ones who need it/ask for etc.


    A very stressed out--but THANKFUL, and happy pug mama,

    Laura M.
  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    a cutie. You're right. The camera can't show personality.

    I read a description of pugs in a pet magazine. "Pugs are loveable clowns."
  3. off her baby, LOL..

    Clown-pugs sure are little (proud, robust,) clowns--who have this odd habit of being fearless & thinking they are dobermans. :)

    My poor abbers is a little uncoordinated, on all her anti-seizure meds (more like her mama every year!) But, still quite the loving, licking, entertaining little munchkin.

    And, of course, like all 'mamas" we always think OUR baby is the cutest, LOL....Abby truly does melt peoples hearts, all her vets, & the staff, other pet owners there, etc..particularly, I think, because she's 1.5-2 times smaller than most pugs, just absolutely adds to her 'adorable-ness" lol...and her demand for *everyone's* attention, when at the vets, or groomers, at a stoplight in the car, lol anywhere....they get a kick (and I, sometimes get a SCARE!) as she loves to seek out the largest dog, anywhere, and approach IT, first, and tends to focus on them....

    she fell in love with a bloodhound, once, sniffing his nose/face & tryin to lick him to death (he let his head down for her)LOL the entire time I was trying to write a check out, at the animal hospital once...

    I thank GOD that thus far, all large dogs we've encountered, have been very calm/well-trained, and have had no interest in a pug sandwich...

    As well as a large* bloodhound she was "in LOVE" with our neighbor's humongous chocolate lab, "Hank"...while our other dog, Katie, was terrified of him, and would ocasionally 'fear' bite at him. (never got him though, thankfully, he was sooo sweet.) abby acts as if she "knows*(pugs are very 'proud' as books will often say, along with other "smooshy-nosed breeds", and with ego-often comes stubborn-ness) she is beautiful, and thinks every single dog and human in the world loves her.

    She's a HUGE part of my life, and spirit (as you can tell), Pugs are good, for chronically ill people, wanting pets...they ALL have CFS, LOL...they lovvvveee to sleep, but, she also loves her squeaky bunnies, & chew toys, but, she requires minimal exercise, doesn't eat a lot, pugs are excellent for any type of housing, be it apartment, mobile home, small house, etc.. and sweet as can be.

    I'd loveeee to have more dogs, if we had the space, but, I love large breeds too, hubby--not so much, I'd love to have a 'giant abby" -aka- a mastiff (fawn/black also)

    Maybe in the future...... :)

    Thanks again for viewing my pride-n-joy's picture,

    Laura M.
  4. joyfully

    joyfully New Member

    Your little doggie is soooooooooo cute. How did you ever get her to hold still for the picture? If I attempted to take a picture of my dog, all you would see is a black blur! I think my minature schnauzer is ADHD!
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  5. atiledsner

    atiledsner New Member

    As i was reading your post tears began to run down my face.BF asked what's the matter. I showed him Abby's picture, and told him this is the one I was praying for.

    She reminds me so much of my Pooki, except she is brown and white. She is a rescue, don't know father or mother.

    She was going to be killed. She is now 6 years old and the delight of my life.She is my constant companion.

    So glad Abby is better, my prayers are for you and all that is going on.I've had a rough 5-6 years too. God Bless.
  6. In regards to how I got the picture. LOL, Abby too, is rambunctious, and* hates cameras (the flash), so, after about 20 commands to "sit!" & "watch me", you gotta snap it quick, LOL, but, can be done, she likes* to have "staring contests" as a will of power thing, to see if she can 'outstare' myself or my husband, to see who's in control----and she's VERY good at this, lol, staring sometimes, for minutes, wanting you to look away first. She loses, though. But, still thinks she wins, and holds the power, lol.

    Atiledsner, I was hoping you would see this post/pic, since you particularly had asked to see one, so, I'm glad u got the chance, I can't wait to post more pics someday.

    I will probably change the one I have now, soon, to one of her & Katie play-fighting, it's a cutie too. :)

    Thank you, more than words can say* for praying. I still try to make sure, no matter how tired or fogged I am, to say a thank you, to God, each night, for saving my 'baby' & letting us keep her with us. I just never would have been the same, had.....anything else happened. When* she goes, so too, will my smile, and a chunk of my heart. I dread the day, but, now focus on the fact she's HERE, not worrying about when she isn't.

    The silly little munchkin, as I mentioned, is very bossy, and likes to 'butt things, with her head', and has managed to wiggle *under* my pillow, right now, for a snooze, with only her curly tail sticking out, and part of her little black face. :)

    She cracks me up, always. Knocks things off the bed, routing around like a little piggy, butting things with her head, knocking pillows/blankets around, trying to get under them, or just move them.

    Thank God for little 'fur angels'. I remember the cartoon "all dogs go to heaven" always loved that title, has to be true! :) All critters go to heaven, I think.

    Abby is a rescue too, btw, and 6yrs old. She'd been hit by a car, in the middle of winter, weighed only 8lbs, and was very sick, hurt, hungry & scared, sooo tiny, we brought her home from the animal hospital after surgeries on her right hip, & jaw, on Valentine's day, 01' around 5-5 1/2 months old. :)

    With her jaw broken in 2 places, and a metal 'rod' put in it, missing 2-3 teeth (in the back), and a broken & displaced hip, which, the vet had to removed the 'ball' in the ball socket, to fix...that tiny little baby, STILL ran around the house, the MINUTE she was brought home, jumped right out of the laundry basket, padded with blankets, hubby had her in, and made it onto our bed *somehow*, that very first night...and the *vet* said "4-6wks" for her to walk on her leg, LOL. More like 1-2wks for her to be *running* on it.

    Our vet just loves her to death, she ALWAYS amazes him, knee surgery in november, he said, was (needed) but, particularly 'torturous' recovery----she walked on her poor painful knee within 2 days, (she couldn't potty too well, with a stiff knee,...but, by golly, by 4-5 days, she'd mastered it!) he said 6-8wks that time, and then* there can be residual *psychological* aspects, that cause dogs to still raise the leg up at times..

    I know* she was sent to us* we were meant to find her, as we'd wanted a dog, but didn't have any* money at the time, and there we found her, huddled against a garage, in the snow, at a co-worker of hubby's,, house...the vet was so pleased that we 'rescued' her (how could anyone not!?) that, he helped us with the surgery bill, taking $90 off..whew.

    I'd have sold my own blood, to pay for her, though.

    Happy, healthy, & safe holidays..

  7. puglover29

    puglover29 New Member

    I haven't been around the board in a long time, but I found your post about a pug! See my pug, Shasta, in my profile. :) We also have another pug, Dewey and recently had to put my eldest pug Rocky to sleep on Dec. 5th. :( He was 16 years old and my first adopted pug at age 3.

    All three were rescues as I am the president of Southeast Pug Rescue here in GA!

    I am glad that the meds are working for Abby and her seizures! Seizures are soooooo scary! Did they do testing for a possible liver shunt? We are seeeing a lot of liver shunts in pugs these days, and they can cause seizures.


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