finally really approved for ssdi and walked out of office w/check

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 69mach1, Nov 1, 2005.

  1. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    it just seems today everyone is getting the usual run around from ssa.

    i have been battling w/them for a long time myself.

    i won a ssdi closed case 7/04...meaning no more money and medicare after septemeber i didn't even get to use my medicare at all be cause of the battle for the denials and hearing ect..

    well refiled, still awating funds for my son as of this day today november 1,2005 over 11k...

    then they said i owed them money for my portion..they screwed up so my understanding it is there fault they eat it....
    more paperwork there...

    anyways my funds are running out broke down on friday last week ..for i am only getting child support and it does not cover my rent of $1,245.oo a month and trust me it is not a luxuiious apartment, there are drugs and prostituion going on here in the complex... so i have been living on the part of money they have given me in jauary 2005... and the child support of 950.00 a month .

    i broke down to day and ewent down to the local ssa office told i need the status they told me the status of all three problems...and they said they are going to write me a check for $999.00 today and are releasing the funds into the direct deposit account for my apporatioment and the 11k from the closed case for my son...

    so i cried and said these were tears of joy. the supervisor has always been really sweet to me...i feel like she is a sister. she apologized for how long everything has taken. and she has everyting on high priorty in baltimore to get the funds going...

    i did tell a little bit of a white lie there i told them i could not pay my rent today, meaning i may be january if i watch my pennies and if my child support kept coming in. but the ex needs to possibly get surgery on his elbow and he is a pipefitter so he very well may get laid off and i get a one week unemployment check , which cali, doesn't pay well out here at all.....

    well if you guys are desperate they can cut you a check in there offices they say only authorized of to $999.oo, and that was what i walked out there today. they still owe more but they are getting that going in the computer system..

    plus get your congressman's office involved people it may or may not help, they say it is supposed to help...and i do know that they have known when i called and contacted ssa and they have a file in there.


    hang i there and have have been having a major flare since last night so i don't think can typ much longer at all so i need to end this plus i have carpal tunnel in both hands read the bio...will try to update soon...


  2. browneyes259

    browneyes259 New Member get some temporary $$ to keep you going and hopefully they can expedite that 11K that they owe you.

    So sorry to hear that you are in a bad flare and praying that it ends SOON!

  3. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    thank you for thinking of me jen..

    feeling a little bit better.

    just trying to see if i will fall asleep tonight, insomnia..

    i just people to know there is some sort of relief if they really get the strength to do it...lord i know how depressed i get just thinking how i need to deal with it again and again...

    the squeky wheel does sometimes get greased at times....

    i know bozey wrote a couple of days ago she was still waiting for her money still from her approval of some time ago and a few others have posted saying they are waiting for their funds as well..

    just wanted to emphasize to please contact their congressman to have them do an inquiry they will speed the paperwork up to get them paid sooner. and they could try and do what i did today and say they can't make there rent or house payment this month.. and ask if they could get them some of the moeny owed so you can make it until the rest is coming...

    you can't depend on your attorney to do it for you. i did that and infact left message last week and still waiting for her to call back...

    i just want everyone i have been in a hardship since setp. 2001 financially...goomg through a divorce. amd nasty one at that,,,,,n child suport for three years, sold my prized 69 mach one, that gave me some mone and the new owner made out to have a realy car fpr cheap i way underff
    sold, ot ,e...we;;; sj\\\\\\\\\\\

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