Finally Recovered From Rollercoster

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 1maqt, Mar 15, 2003.

  1. 1maqt

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    That emotionlal roller coaster I was on a few weeks ago? I am now sure was in most part from the Sinus meds. Quit taking it and in a couple of days was much better. Feel back to normal now.

    Am still taking the Ambien, Neurontin, Doxycycline and Doxepin. Am having a lot of muscle pain, but am not utterly exausted as before. Am able to still get around and do things. After 6 yrs this is amazing to me. I haad been pretty much down in bed at least 60-70% of the time. Have not had to do that except for the flu. Every week is just more coompelling that I finally got the right stuff for me.

    This is for all of those who posted for when I thought every
    one I ever knew didn't care! And was in a state of grief and didn't know why>
  2. layinglow

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    Glad you have exited the rollercoaster ride, I know first hand what a relief that is! Sorry your muscle pain is still bothering you, but with the emotional turmoil and utter exhaustion out of the way, its easier to contend with the pain. I know when it all piles up around your ears, it becomes overwhelming! Just wanted to say, I am glad you are feeling better.
    Best wishes,
  3. Tattoopixie

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    Glad you got it back to *normal*! Hope your body feels better soon!
  4. 1maqt

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    It is of my opinion also, that in letting people know that I was in trouble, helped also. We do get self absorbed in our day to day living with chronic desease,Yet I do believe that this board is helpful in so many ways. Who else would understand? It is not my habit ot post many topics, however I do try to respond to the new and the SOS posts. Reaching out to others is whathelps us too. We all need to be needed
    at times, and be a blessing to others.This board has certainly been a blessing to me!!
  5. Shaylee

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    Please remember everyone one of us care about you and what you are going through, have been through, and will go through. We all love you.