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    After fighting all last year to now, my son was finally awarded disability status. I had to appeal twice and it was a monumental bit of paperwork, but I determined NOT to give up. The case worker was absent for our meeting. The replacement was extremely helpful. Later, he called me and said he put my son in a different catagory so he could receive the maximum amount. This may at least cover the cost of his meds each month!

    Anyhow, just wanted to yahoo the good news to you all and encourage you to NOT quit appealing, sending in any new info/articles/results/letters from friends or family etc.. Call often to inquire on your status. Remember, the squeeky wheel gets greased first...

  2. dolsgirl

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    Amy, I hope it lightens your load a little. :)dolsgirl
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    So happy for you! I've been in a battle for 3 years 7 months!
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    I am so happy to hear your good news!! You deserve it so much. Granmakitty