finally succeeded with getting photo onto my profile

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pinkquartz, May 10, 2003.

  1. pinkquartz

    pinkquartz New Member

    well its not my most flattering pic....but it was taken 18 months ago approx .
    i can't work out how to crop so its a slow download but i am there !....on my lap is my very beloved grandaughter who is trying to steer me into the hedge.

    the location is just 5 mins from my flat...i live by the sea and its not raining .....its a myth that its always raining LOL

    in my case the DD has really changed how i look.

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  2. tansy

    tansy New Member


    You live in a beautiful area; the sea, green, space, how wonderful.


  3. loopyloo

    loopyloo New Member

    I have to agree with every one else you do not look old enought to have granchildren you look so young, and it looks like a wonderful place by the sea to live.
    i also see the photo of the little boy and the large soppy dalmation he looks like my dog you can do anything to her and she doesn't mind shes soppy isnt it wonderful to put a picture to the face pinkquarz you look sooo young

    ((((((big hugs)))))
    from Loopyloo xx
  4. Bacci

    Bacci New Member

    Hi Pink:)
    It's so great to have a face with the name! I wish I could do the picture thing but don't have access to any of the equipment. I still haven't even put together a bio! Anyway, I am so glad that you did it and that now we can all enjoy seeing you and where you live. Surprisingly, it looks just like the coast in northern California where I live--except it's only green in the spring and brown the rest of the year. Cheers to you!
  5. Notonline

    Notonline New Member look too young!! Beautiful view!!!

    Do you find that you feel a bit better being near the water? I know...that sounds like a weird question...but I remember taking a trip to the ocean a few years back...and I really couldn't remember ever feeling as good (healthier, relaxed) as I did next to the water...strange. Been meaning to go back someday just to see if I could get a "repeat" occurance...but it would probably never happen. LOL

    Nice to meet you!