FINALLY, the Truth About Flouride (at least part of the truth)

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    Infants Should Not Have Flouridated Tap Water Warns American Dental Association

    New York – November 13, 2006 – To prevent tooth damage, the American Dental Association (ADA) warned its members that fluoridated water should not be mixed into concentrated formula or foods intended for babies one year and younger, in a November 9th ADA e-mail alert.(1)

    “But who will alert parents,” asks lawyer Paul Beeber, President, New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc. (NYSCOF).

    Two-thirds of U.S. public water suppliers add fluoride chemicals, based on a disproved theory that fluoride ingestion prevents cavities. Bottled water with added fluoride is now sold with specific instructions to mix into infant formula.(2)

    The ADA reports, “…infants could receive a greater than optimal amount of fluoride through liquid concentrate or powdered baby formula that has been mixed with water containing fluoride during a time that their developing teeth may be susceptible to enamel fluorosis.”(3) The ADA recommends using fluoride-free water.

    Enamel or dental fluorosis is white spotting, yellow, brown and/or pitted permanent teeth. Pictures:

    NYSCOF news releases in 2000 and 2004 (4,5) cited studies linking fluorosis to infant foods mixed with fluoridated water. Scientific evidence here:

    Some scientists also tried in vain to get the word out sooner as described in “Suppression by Medical Journals of a Warning about Overdosing Formula-Fed Infants with Fluoride,” published in 1997 in the Journal Accountability in Research.(10)

    It took until 2006 for the ADA’s alert, following the Food and Drug Administration’s October disapproval of fluoridated bottled water marketed to babies,(6) and after the recent National Research Council’s (NRC) fluoride report indicating babies are fluoride overdosed from “optimally” fluoridated water supplies.(7)

    “The ADA claims the NRC report didn’t question the safety of fluoridation(8) but it did, as the ADA now admits,” says Beeber.

    “The NRC also revealed fluoridation’s adverse effects to the thyroid gland, diabetics, kidney patients, high water drinkers and others,” says Beeber.

    Now, the Centers for Disease Control reports that modern science shows that fluoride absorbs into enamel topically.(9) However, adverse effects occur upon ingestion. Further, the CDC admits enamel fluoride concentration is not inversely related to cavities.

    The Environmental Protection Agency is required to consider the most vulnerable populations when setting allowable water fluoride levels. To protect babies, allowable water fluoride levels must be near zero.

    The Environmental Working Group analyzed government data in March 2006 and found that babies are over-exposed to fluoride in most major U.S. cities.(11)
    “This should end water fluoridation,” says Beeber. “Fluoridation is a failed concept that must be abandoned before more Americans are harmed,” says Beeber
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    ........there is enough fluoride in a tube of toothpaste to kill a small child.

    My friend is doing a master's degree in a related field and she told me that several years ago.

    Think how much toothpaste has been swallowed by children and we wonder where all these bizarre medical problems come from.

    Did you notice how the dentists quietly stopped doing the fluoride treatment several years ago? There was no explanation.

    When I was growing up 60 yrs ago here in rural Ontario Canada there was a popular radio commentator on a Toronto station. The fluoridation of water issue was raging at the time and I remember he called it 'chemical rat poison'.

    At that time I had no clue what fluoride was but I remember him saying that many times.

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    Is a POISON....or was considered one before they told us we needed it in our water.

    I get the newsletter for Thyroid problems and a recent newsletter had all kinds of information regarding this.

    I know some day, they'll either find a combo of poisons or a few of them that we use or ingest in our daily lives that are making us sick. Our illnesses cross too many borders (basically we're all sick) so it has to be something elimental that's doing the trick.

    The things they've allowed manufacturers to add to our everyday lives is criminal.

    You can find flouride free toothpaste online which is where I get mine.


    Nancy B

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