Finally, Thyroid Appt. Endocrinologist Today

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by BlueSky555, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. BlueSky555

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    Well, after CT Scan in Nov, 05, ultra sound, nuclear medicine test, and another ultra sound, and more bloodwork,I had appointment today.

    The Dr. was very nice and explained everything very well. He even did ultra sound for his own benefit. There are 2 nodules, 1 being twice the size of the other.

    Due to all questions ask about history, size, and benign, his recommendation was to monitor it again in 4 months, November. That's ok with me.

    Unfortulately he listend to my heart, very well I might add, and told me I have a heart murmur. He also stated that there are a lot of people that have them and just don't know it. Your Dr. must listen very close to your heart.

    So, that's it until November, 2006.

    Just wanted to let you know,
  2. Cromwell

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    Well I am relieved for you, but sorry about the murmur. I have to say that my cat's murmur went away when I put him on thyroxine BTW, so there could be a connex.

    I just had needle biopsies(5) re my three nodules, one of which is now 1.9cmx3.6cm the other two close to 1cm. All three were benign, but one of them is Hashimotos. Strangely the one that showed Hashi before now shows OK but it is the big one and to take an accurate needle biopsy, well they can miss a section that could have some odd tissue.

    I am seeing the endo in a couple of weeks and because of their concern about the large nodule and inability to guarantee safety, they may try and shrink it using meds or request surgery. I have a lot of hypothyroid symptoms yet blood work shows normal, even though it shouldn't.

    I would recommend you have fine needle aspiration biopsies on recheck as they are pretty accurate, unless the nodule is grossly large like mine. I had mine done without any painkillers at all and it was only mildly uncomfortable for a couple of seconds with each needle and my throat tender for a couple of days after. It is the best diagnostic tool really esp. to rule of cancer.

    Love Anne Cromwell

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