Finally told work I am sick

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by DoveL, Oct 4, 2006.

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    Hey there..

    I posted a few weeks ago, how I went back to work, after not working for 5 years!! I have been working part-time for the last 6 months..(it is a struggle with FMS/CFS)..

    Well, they have been pressuring me SOOO much to work full-time, and asking 'why' why' why', SOOOOO FINALLY I said "I cannot work because I have a chronic illness, CFS/FMS...

    Oddly enough, they knew what it was!!! I did not go into details, but said, that it makes it hard for me to work on a full-time basis, and that I did not want everyone in the office to know, and I don't want to mention it again, because I don't want to be a 'complainer', or tell everyone my sob story....I hope I said, and did the right thing??? AND I hope they truly understand. I hate to be considered a 'loafer'....On the other hand, I hope they are not mad because I did not tell them sooner. I would never tell anyone on an interview, or they would 'discriminate and not hire me'.

    BTW, they probably like me so much because not only am I a great worker, BUT also, I work for 'a poor man's wage'.!! depressing. Such is life...I will keep you all posted how it goes.



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    especially since they kept pressuring you as to why you couldn't work full-time. It's great that they know what FMS/CFIDS is. I told the professors I work for as sometimes I have to take off for appts. or not feeling well, although this school year I've only taken off a couple of hours for some tests at the hospital so far. Like you, I don't want to make a big deal out of it. I don't think the work place is the place to do this. I try to work doctor appts. around my work schedule since I only work mornings five days a week.

    I agree with the other lady who responded. They must like you to want you full-time. Too bad it doesn't pay better!

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    I keep my boss posted on my ever changing medical diagnosis.. I don't make a big issue of it just mention it in passing after doctor's appts. I know the time is coming when I'm not going to be able to work and I don't want it to be out of the blue.
    They don't really understand the specifics but they do not I have issues. I took a change in positions about 5 years ago because I couldn't be on my feet for long hours everyday anymore and they were supportive.
    I give it all when I can.. there have been times that I have been off with emergency trips to the hospital for colitis attacks.. days I have missed for migraines.. but still in 9 years I have only missed one wedding and I was in the hospital. Do what you can and be grateful that we can still work for now. It's tough huh!
    Hang in there!
    Hugs ~
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    It was nice you got good feedback from your coworkers. I am sure you feel much better for that.

    It was a brave thing to do and I hope all works out for you.

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    Hello there wonderful people! :)

    Thank you so much for all your feedback, and support, and taking the time to respond to my post! It made my day. Tommorrow I go to work, after having off today, and getting your feedback(from people that understand), put my mind at ease. I always feel like I am 'hiding' a secret, and 'pretending to feel well'. what a drag. But I am grateful that I did have this opportunity healhwise to be able to work these past 6 months. I don't know how long I can last..BUT I do tell you that I MISS working sooo much. The old saying goes 'you don't know what you had til it's gone'. Aint' that that truth???

    Sheesix; When I applied for the job I 'lied' on my resume so there was only a 2 year gap or so (really being over a 5 year gap! YIKES!!)..I also lived in another state. SO, I said that I had to move back home, due to some PERSONAL FAMILY problems. I have noticed that when I say PERSONAL to people, they won't pry. Esp. on interviews.

    Good health to come to all....

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