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    I've been coming to this site ever since it came out. 48 years old now(male) I have had CFIDS/FMS since 1994(well that's when it hit like a brick wall). Just like thousands of others, I have tried every script, pain killers(non-narcotic and narcotic), Elavil at the start, xanax, valium, klonapin, lyrica, savella and so on and so on. Have spent on average 300 a month for the past 18 years. That' 64000 alone, have been getting a massage every week for 10 years, that over 12,0000. I have been doing bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for over a year now. Thyroid, HGH, Testosterone, dhea, melatonin,

    I have been able to lift light weights again for 3 months now, I am actually looking toned again, oh 6 months ago I started dropping weight, down 40 lbs, I am now 228, I'm 6' 3" so that's a good weight for me. I am happy with it. My choesterol has normalized except for triclicerides, my liver panel is almost perfect after being high for years. I only have sleeping problems 3-4 times a month, so I will take on ambien and then maybe the next night take a melatonin, When I get a script for sleep meds I on ask my doc for 10-15 pills. It's more of a crutch to lean on to know I have it there if I really need it.

    I have gone from a job when I can only sit and program and not be around people. Tomorrow morning I head form Detroit to Denver to visit on a client, just got back from Florida, when I get back from Denver in a week I go to CT for 2 weeks. That's not often in my new job, on about 25% of the time and the rest I am able to work at home. And I make much, much, much more than I used to. I was scared about retirement,well still am, but not as much, a lot of the fear has gone away. Oh and I do take ultram 2 50 mg a day. When I began it was 2 50mg 4 X a day, was on 30mg of valium a day. Not it is only on ocassion, again I think that may be a cruch also, I was on soma for years and I heard that was the worse to get off of. I was in so much pain before I was on 2 350mg 3-4 times a day for 12 years. I cut back slowly for two weeks then when I had only 10 left, I quit, completely,

    I had one bad week during the day where I could not move from the couch, it worked out because I had quit the job where I just sat every day - it was not just the sitting that hurt and the typing(programming) I hated the place, it was not in my home town, I have a very very small family. I can say that I hated my boss and she hated me. So I know that had a lot to do with it. I know I will have a "bad" day tomorrow as I have a 3,5 hour flight to denver and there were no upgrades into first class, but after I get there, lay down, I plan on going to the pool to stretch and then go to the spa get a massage, then eat a light vegan dinner and go to be. Don't have my first meeting until 10:00 so I can sleep in a bit.

    I can actually say I am starting to be "HAPPY". No i'm not high or buzzed. And I know this may be a "honeymoon stage", and it could end. But I don't think so. I read for years on BHRT, I mean really studied, I know it all as best as some Dr.s I read all of Suzanne's Somers book, they are all great, she looks great, I've been on a cruise with her with a very large supplement company that helps. So if you want to know more, read,read,read,google,google,google. There is help in that area. I went without a lot in order to afford it. But working so hard and much like I did before, maybe that is what I had to do in order to get better, not get better by working hard, but by making the money so I could pay for it. No the testosterone is being paid for by my insurance company and synthroid(it is not bio-idential) but I'm gonna try it. That will save me almost 3600 a year. So maybe someday I will retire, if I choose, not it's better because it seems like a choice. I won 't say I am cured, no way, I"m no 99% or 95. I am probably 94% 50% of the time, 75% 47 % of the time, and 6% better 10% - wheee ...

    I am not going to put my energy to start a support group in my home town, had one before but I was not ready. I think I have a lot to offer people. If one person reads this and really studies the concepts may they to will get better - I ask the Universe to make it so......I am still a huge believe on suppliments, eating right, sleep, the BHRT is just another facet. Maybe in time the BHRT hormones will come down in price... PLEASE ASK ANY QUESTIONS, COMMENTS, CONCERNS you have and I will do my best. If you say it is all crazy, that's fine too.

    Thanks for listening to me....

    Your friend in fibro...

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    I am glad you are improving. I took the liberty of inserting some paragraph breaks because many of us simply cannot read posts without them.

    Love, Mikie

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    I thank you for doing that in hopes it is more readable. and maybe more will read.


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    Keep on trucking.

    I don't know you or your situation. But I am sure you are like most. Tried just about everything that you can afford and it goes on and on. We get so fed up we want to leave "IT" alone, well it does not leave "US alone.

    It is a fact that 99% of your cells in your body get totally replaced every 6/7 years. If you are in a healing state during on of the phases, maybe we come out on the other end okay. Nw to find the perfect formula and every has a different formula that will only work for them.

    I hope and send out my thoughts to the Universe that it will show you, you can be one of those that get better to a state of "living" and Happy" again.

    Take care of yourself - Bobby
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    good to see you, ive been reading your posts for years . so happy you are feeling better. but you didnt mention the main thing, that you think got you better. can you please tell us.

    thank you, and blessings to you

  6. rockgor

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    for posting your encouraging story, Bobby. I hope you continue to
    feel better.

    Best of luck
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    I love hearing a success story, that all of the things we try are helping SOMEONE, and hopefully for the long run. I have a question, Bobby: You mentioned what you estimated to have spent on Rx meds and massage. May I ask the approximate cost of the bio-identical hormone treatments and Suzanne Sommers' protocol? Also, as someone else asked, is there any one thing you attribute your "turning the corner" to? Thanks.

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    I really , really believe in BHRT - I have done a mixture of protocols in that area to make cost "acceptable" for instance for Testosterone my Dr. put me on a new delivery system that is kinda a gel but you apply it under your arms which is an area of the body that easily responds to liposomal deliver methods.

    It is "brand new" but I am on a 1 year cost recovery program. I pay just 25 a month for it for a year, otherwise it was around 300 a month. Now with my new company my insurance will kick in after the year at about 60 a month or if I get 3 months at once the cost would be 120.

    For HGH right now I am on a supplement that works on the pituatary gland to release HGH during the day then a differnt supplement at night(about 40 a month) it is safer and cheaper than Bio-Identical HGH which can cost about 600 a month, which I did for a while , it did work, I think, but again cost....I will try this for 6 months and then maybe back to real HGH. This is a big part of "curing" fibro. if you don't go into the right stage of sleep, like us fibros don't you won't release hgh, normally persons without fibro, with just normaly wear and tear on your muscles , you get little tears in the muscles etc. And when you sleep in the right stage it releases hgh and repairs muscle, organs, everything.

    Synthroid - which is not BHRT but like I said above I do a blend/mix.

    Please everyone, READ her book - awesome.


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    For those who want to know the real cost based on your profile, gender, age, race, length of time with any type of health issues.

    Do some searching in your area or if you can afford it I found the best in Ft. Lauderdale FL.

    You will then get a plan after all the panel tests, put on a plan, and after I saw the one in FL, the rest consults were done over the phone, or on a computer if you have that ability. Then they call in the scripts with any changes for 6 months at a time, as most are controlled substances so you can only get a script for 6 months at a time(most states).

    I would say the hormone therapy cause the "corner" to turn, I truly believe it. It just very costly for almost everyone except the wealthy. Not fair, but we all you if you are "sick" like us people with lots of money seem to do much, much better.

    Start by google everything you can on the subject, buy the "books"and spend at least 6 months researching, you want to know as much as the Dr. you choose, and you will most certainly know more that your PCP in this area, mine is getting there, we have taught each other a lot.

    Keep posting as I feel this is "one" of the answers. Not Lyrica, and all those.....

    Happy St. Patty's day to all,

  10. elliespad

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    Hi Pitatoo, I have done some BHRT in the past. Not on them currently. You said you are on a supplement that works on the pituatary gland to release HGH during the day then a differnt supplement at night. I am SURE I have HGH deficiency, although I have not been tested. What supplements are you taking for that?
  11. ILoveGreen

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    for taking the time to reply, Bobby. It really is encouraging to know that there is hope for regaining a normal level of functioning...and thriving!

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    I will get a list of the ingredients in the products I take for high release. They only work if your body can produce hgh. Otherwise u have to be on replacement therapy. Real hgh that I took for almost a year helped to build lean muscle but I had to lift weights. Funny ii can do weights but anything cardio forget it

    ZMA WORKS also ZMA zinc mag. Aspertate. Help u sleep. Build muscle and. Good for immune sys. This is not a brand but a list of products combined


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    HGH Release:

    The one I take at night has
    1. Niacin non-flush and I don't flush - first product ever!!!! so hopefully this will raise my HDL also
    2. L-Glutamine
    3, Glycine

    During the day I take


    So far I have a little more weight loss and I am walking 2 miles after work(for almost two weeks now)

    I also need to get back on my whey protein in the am, normally have that with rice milk, and fresh or frozen fruit, blueberries/peaches/and a little green powder. Replaces breakfast and keeps me going until lunch, sometimes dinner.

    Hope this helps answer some more questions.

  14. elliespad

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    Thanks for that list. I have everything except L-Glutamine and Glycine. Do you attribute being able to walk 2 miles, to this Growth Hormone Releasers protocol? How far could you walk before starting them?

    Getting to my kitchen sink is difficult.

  15. roge

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    one might also consider GHRP - 6, hexarelin, ect and the other GH releasing peptides - they are proven in studies to help release the GH. more expensive than supplements but much less than actual GH. Dont need a prescription for the GH releaeing peptides as can buy direct from research companies but just make sure you buy from a credible one. A lot of body builders use these GH releasing peptides.

    glad to hear you are doing better bobby and thx for update. i am a 41 yr old male with me/cfs and fibro and will be starting GH injections soon - low dose around 1 IU/day. I believe hormones in general are an issue for us and especaially GH as like you say 80% of it is released during deep sleep which we know we dont get.

    curious though - did you ever have your IGF-1 tested and if so what was it and what was the range. I also believe a good strategy is to go on actual HG, then to cycle off and use either supplements to help release it (although most are not proven to do this) and or use some of the GH releasing peptides that you can get from research companies that run around 25% of the cost of actual GH. This will allow your Pit gland to not get too dependant on the actual GH. Cost is an issue too as most cant afford real GH continually but even if one could, still good idea to cycle, perhaps 6-9 mths to start, then after that go 3 mths on and 3 mths off ( using releasers when off the real GH) and repeat.

    For most with FM, the GH is there in the PIt gland, it is just not being released, so it is a functional deficiency as opposed to a true deficiency where there is no or very little GH in the Pit gland. this is why most with FM will pass a GH stim test (used to diagnose GH deficiency) as this test only measures if there is actual GH in the Pit gland and like I said for most of us, it is there but it is not being released like it is in normal people.

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