Finally went to doctor, also tried Coral Calcium

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    Hi, I have not been diagnosed with FM, but have too many of the same symptoms!!! I went to the doctor and he seemed to want me to be depressed even though I do not feel depressed or sad, just nervousness. Did some blood work, and found out I am potassium deficient. I have to take 20 mg a day - and I also have hypothyroid. He is not starting me on thyroid meds yet to see how the potassium helps my symptoms. And my thyroid test was not too far from normal. So far I do not notice a difference. I feel so weak & sore! Anyway I wanted to mention, that before I went to the doctor I tried Barefoot's coral calcium for about 3 weeks. The first thing I noticed on it was my mood was fantastic (my husband didn't irritate me - go figure!), and my pain was 80-90% better. The fatigue never went away, but fatigue isn't so bad when it's not topped with as much pain and brain fog. I didn't know if I was just having a 'good spell' or what. I stopped taking it to see if my symptoms would come back. It took about a week, but sure enough they did. Anyway, right now I'm taking the potassium to see if that makes a difference. But I want to take the coral again. I was taking about 3 a day.
    Oh, I wanted to add that my IBS problems were gone while on it too.
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    My thyroid tested will withing the "normal" limits, but because I suffered from symptoms, my doc put me on the smallest dose of Synthroid and it has really helped me. My doc believes in treating the patient/symptoms and not the numbers.

    Many experts are now of the opinion that our "normal" limits are too wide and that many who test "normal" are actually suffering from hypothyroidism. If it were me, I would insist on trying thyroid hormone, especially since you did test low. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
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    Well, that gives me something to think about. It makes sense. I feel so tired sometimes and feel quite useless. Also, I have a question. I am a thin person. So it suprised me that my thyroid was underactive. Will going on medication make me loose weight? I am about 5'4' and weigh about 115, my weight has basically stayed the same for the last 10 years and I've had 2 kids. This is fine for me, but I don't want to loose weight. Would the hormone or whatever it is I would need affect that?
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    Docs don't seem to want to diagnose fms. I finally was diagnosed by a Naturopath doc. One thing that has helped my fatique is being on a diet for hypoglycemia. good luck D.