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    I went to see my new PCP yesterday. I have heard very good things about her. The nurse took me into the room and asked me why I needed to see the doc. I pulled out my diary of symptoms that I have beenkeeping over the past 6 months or so along with all the tests that have been run and started to cry. I told her that I have not had good luck with doctors lately and I have been told that I just have a "virus" for over a year. She held my hand and told me that I wouldlove this new doctor. That she has loved and supported her patients for over 20 years and is not in it for the money. Says that she encourages her patients to research their own health and would be impressed over my diary of symptoms because sometimes it is hard for the doctor to catch everything you say while they are writing. I told her that I did not want her to come in and tell me that I am just "emotional" or "instable" and she assured me that she wouldnt. I was immediately impressed with her. She was very thourough and spent over an hour with me. She seemed suprised that no one tested me for Lyme or MS yet so she sent me immediatly for those tests plus she redid every blood test that the previous doctors had already done. She said that she liked to do the routine blood tests every few months on her patients with chronic illness because their blood tests vary so quickly. She also told me to wait to do the blood tests for an afternoon when I am feeling very bad and "foggy". My last tests have been done in the morning and I don't feel as bad then. She said that if these tests come back ok she is going to start with a Rheumatologist. I think I am on the right track finally. Makes me feel good that someone is listening to me.

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    Wow, you are very fortuanate to have found someone who is willing to listen and run appropriate tests. That kind of doctor is hard to find. Hopefully, the Rheumy will be as good. The Rheumy might give you a diagnosis and then send you back to your PCP-that is what mine did because he doesnt treat CFS. At least then you will have a name to your illness and can go from there. Much luck to you.

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    Am so happy for you! That is great news! It helps so much to have a sympathetic Dr!