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  1. scottabir

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    My Dr finally found a Dr in MI who treats Fm and takes my insurance. Unfortunately he is in Detroit 3 hours away from me. Oh well, maybe I will be able to have my ISAC test done again, I hope. I am so happy!!

  2. layinglow

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    I am not sure where you live...but if you do not care for this doc after seeing him, Michigan has one of the best Fibro Clinics there is, from some I have talked to.

    Dr. Conley, founded it. He is heavily involved in research, and is a reknowned author as well. I have read his books w/ treatment regimes...they are good.
    Its located in Flint, so they might be closer to you.

    Dr. Edward J. Conley "America Exhausted" (book)

    The Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Clinic of Michigan
    G3494 Beecher Rd.
    Flint, MI 48532

    Best wishes, LL
  3. scottabir

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    Yeah, I have heard of that clinic. I will probably go their next if I dont get any good results with this new doc. I wanted to try a Dr in my insurance first.