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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by arts4you, Jun 24, 2003.

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    Over the years, I have been involved in several message boards regarding several illnesses, and I have discovered a multitude of wonderful people out on this world wide web.

    I have discovered that there are pilots that will fly (for feee) people who can't afford to fly to see specialists, I have discovered medication companies that will give you your medications for free.

    However, the one thing that would make my life a whole lot easier is if I had one of those motorized chairs.

    With my fibro pain, I have just about given up shopping. My husband does the shopping unless it is to the grocery store, because Walmart, Winco, and Albertsons are the only stores in my area that have electric chairs for the handicap.

    I would love to take advantage of sales at Shopko and/or Target, or go to a thrift store and just browse. But because of my fibro and arthritis pain, I can't. And, I can't afford one of those chairs on my own.

    I have no insurance, so money is really tight. Is there anyone out there who knows of a charity outfit that has access to used chairs that donate them or sell them at prices us poor people can afford?
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    This wonderful organization helps with all kinds of medical needs and will help you find one if they don't have one.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thanks, I'll check out your suggestions. I know the machines are quite expensive, and I'm sure there are others out there than need them much more than I do, after all, I can still walk - not far, but I can walk. I would hate to think I might be taking one from someone who can't walk.
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    Consider asking the store where you want to shop to provide a scooter for their patrons. Explain that you would like to shop there but are unable to do so without one.

    I'm not familiar with Shopko but our local Target and Kmart stores provide manual wheelchairs for their customers. My husband then pushes me around the store.

    If you get your own electric scooter, you will need a way to be able to get it into your car (they come apart but are heavy) or get a van with a lift.

    Their are charities that will help you get a manual chair but I doubt anyone will give away an electric one.

    Have you considered applying for Medicaid or state health insurance? They might help with that expense but not with adapting a van or PT Cruiser.