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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by elizajane40, Sep 12, 2005.

  1. elizajane40

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    Anyone struggling with finances due to FMS? I worked really hard for 15 years to climb up the ladder. I was finally making about 43K a year. Not bad, even when I was a single mom, at that rate I could have nice clothes, good makeup, etc. Now since I cannot work at that level anymore, I am making about 27k. I can't afford all my medications, whatever left over money I have goes to things for my girls. It's just depressing. My husband makes great money, but most of his money goes to child support. We live check to check to pay bills and we are juggeling those. I would just love to have some really comfortable shoes for my feet because they hurt so badly but the ones that would really help cost too much. Cannot afford the orthotics for my feet and insurance won't cover them. I'm so mad! I worked so hard now to have nothing. It sucks. I guess I am just venting. Anyone want to vent with me???
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    Going to try really hard not to vent crazy, because I JUST got off the phone with UNUM provident about my Short term disability benefits, and they're still refusing to pay, and I'm ready to totally and completely flip out.
    I was in similar situation, worked in sales, made a great living. Then, due to stress issue last year, I accepted a postition a few rungs down to limit stress in my life...was earning about 1/3 of previous earnings, but was ok because bills were still paid and everything was fine, just could save almost no money.
    Then out of the blue hit with FM. Mine wasn't slow to come on like for many...I woke up one day and just couldn't get out of bed. Been pretty much like that since. I literally hobble around when I walk (oh, and by the way, I just turned 30!), and can't walk much beyond around my house. Even walking around a grocery store is too much for me. So now, I can't work at all, those dirty (well, insert your favorite expletive here!) at UNUM have been jerking me around to get my ST disability benefits, and finally just today they turned me down on basis that my "range of motion" wasn't affected. Hello! I can't walk, you flippin yahoos! Sheesh.
    Anyway, yeah, husband and I are totally freaking. His income is very healthy, but we pay $1000 in child support (not that we'd ever begrudge his kids support in any way), and we bought a little too much house for our budget, even when I was working bc it was such a good investment and we were going to drastically increase value by doing major work ourselves (amaziing old money pit...1890's old english cottage). So, then I get sick, no income for me, his income BARELY covers bills, and thats before my medical bills (even the deductibles) start rolling in. I don't know what the holy heck we're going to do. We've talked abt selling our house, but don't know if we could even get what we owe, as I've had to let garden totally go being sick, and we're literally in the middle of abt 5 major home improvements we were working on when I was sick. Oh, and did I mention we just got a ltr from the city saying they're "assessing" us almost $20,000 in extra property taxes to be paid over 5 years because they want to put sidewalks in front of our house (and completely destroy landscaping and curb appeal of house). My husband and I are at each others throats. I would absolutely love so suddenly be able to jump up and go back to work, but it is simply impossible at this point.

    I'm so desperate I keep thinking I'll find a good "work from home" opportunity that isn't bogus which will get us out of trouble.

    Desperate, and totally freaking out, here!!!
  3. elizajane40

    elizajane40 New Member

    I can't believe that Unum did that to you.
    They cleared my STD (for a week that I was out due to a flare and UTI that would not clear up). OMG!

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