find a pharmacy that will fill multiple narcotics

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    I really need some creative thinkers here:)...just how in the world do I find a pharmacy near my home that will fill my narcotic pain specialist puts three very potent meds on one script.....

    the pharmacy I have has worked well with my dr..and are so very good with everything except that my dr's office and this pharmacy are over an hour away.....

    if i get into a predicament( which is becoming the rule rather than the exception lately!) where Iam completly out of my medications,it means I have to drive almost 3 hours round trip and that is just too long to have to drive...especially when it is sometimes twice a month!

    I would like to find something close to my home but it just seems like it may be impossible, since most pharmacies and their staff have attitudes, and / or something happens like your
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    Okay- let's help Doxy - I'm normally a very creative thinker, but lately, my mind has been mush - (couldn't remember how to access my voicemail at work yesterday!!)
    First is this a pain clinic - did you sign a contract to fill at a particular pharmacy?

    Second- is your Dr. giving you one month's worth at a time? So you have to drive to the Dr.'s office each month to pick up the script? or is he giving you more than that at a time?

    If you have scripts in your hand and don't have a contract to fill at one particular pharmacy - you can fill wherever you want. If you're on ins. it will pull up on their computer system if you're filling the same one twice (getting from two diff. doctors during one month or something) but you're not doing that - so you're fine there. I've switched pharmacies before out of convenience.

    Have your doctor write the three scripts on different sheets? Does that help anything? I'm not sure that does anything cause it's still one month's worth. I think I need more info from you. =)

    Screw (pardon my French) the attitude of the pharmacies - if they say anything, say yeah, "it sucks to be me".

    If what you take is not easily on hand - "interview' some pharmacies, call around and tell them what you take, your predicament and see what they say. Most pharmacies do want your business, especially with the huge markup on medications (My goodness!! that's a whole 'nother story!). That may add some seriousness and credibility to you and make you feel more comfortable.

    I think the issue though still lies in the fact that you have to drive to get your scripts every month from your Dr. Is that right?

    Am I helping or confusing you? Cause lately, I think I talk in circles. I know what I want to say, but just keep going round and round and round. =) but I know you understand some degree anyway. =)

    Your concerned friend,
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    Doxy, I find the little ones are so much more friendly. You know the Mom and Pop pharmacies. I hate Walgreens and Walmart and any of the big time ones because yes they do give you an attitude, which I could really care less, however, I just dread having to go pick up my medicines.

    I have a mom and pop pharmacy right up the street and they know me really well and they are great, They always treat me with respection and they actually are very appreciative for the business.

    Hope this helps.

    What happened to you message, it looks like you stopped in the middle of it. Are you OK

    LOL Janalyn, I will have to remember that, "it sucks to be me" that would be a great comeback. Very funny.
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  4. 3gs

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    really don't understand this place.

    I fill mine at grocery store where i shop. they have been great and have gone the extra mile with my meds. they even fill a wk early.

    have you considered having your scrips mailed to you?(oh my pharmacy delivers and mails) There are alot of pharmacies that do this and most times can do 3 months worth. ck your insurance they should be able to help with this.

    best of luck
  5. msnova74

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    I was on multiple strpng pain meds for several years. Walgreens and CVS will both do it. I was on Fentynl, Kadian, and oxycontin. My MD had to send something to them, but it wasn't a problem.

  6. kellyann

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    Your prescriptions can be overnighted to you from your doctor's office by courier, like DHL. I know I did it for a long time to save driving. I think it cost something like $30.00, but is worth it to not have to drive.