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    Hello! I am new here. How are you all?

    My first question is: does anyone know of any good physicians in Georgia who treat Fibro & Chronic Fatigue?

    My family doctor I had for 12 years retired, and most every doctor I have called since then does not treat "pain" anymore??? What is up with that? Isn't that what we see doctors for - when we are sick or hurting?

    I do see a doctor nearby, but he just wanted to send me to a Psychiatrist. :( He doesn't know me at all, and shows absolutely no interest. I asked him if he agreed with my past diagnosis of Fibro, CFS, and Degenerative disk disease, spondylosis, etc....& he said he doesn;t put too much time into these new illnesses?

    If anyone knows of any good doctors who accept disabled patients on Medicaid - please advise if that is acceptable on this board. You can email me privately if you need to answer that way:

    Thanks for taking time to read!


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    I would need to know what area of Georgia you would be willing to travel to. I have been to the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Center and I am now seeing an Internist for my CFS and FM.

    Also, you are not allowed to put your e-mail address. One of the moderators will delete it unless you update your post before they see it.

    I am in the Atlanta area. There are quite a few people on this board that live in Georgia. Let us know what area and I'm sure you'll get more replies.

    Take care,

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