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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lolabubba, Apr 5, 2007.

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    I have been feeling poorly for years now. I have approached my doctors with the idea of treating Candida overgrowth. Most know nothing about it. Doctored for over a year in Red Wing with no results. I live in Minnesota. Does anyone have a doctor familiar with Candida treatment(chronic fatigue syndron may be an after effect) that lives in Minnesota? Thanks.
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    Have you contacted any of the support groups in your area? They should be able to provide you with a "good doctor" list.

    To find support groups in your area, go to the purple tabs at the top of this page, on the far right you will find a tab for "Support Groups", click on that tab, type in your disease and your state, and a page with a list of support groups for Minnesota will open.
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    I went to the site Vitality101 and clicked on practitioners, and then MN (that is Minnesota, right?) and this is the name that came up.

    Winona: Karen Vrchota, MD **

    Karen Vrchota, MD
    Business Name: Integrative Health Care of Winona, PA
    Address: 120 Center Street
    City: Winona
    State: Minnesota
    Zip: 55987
    Phone #: 507-457-9000
    Fax #: 507-457-9001
    Country (if other than US): US
    Web Site:

    That's how I found a good doctor. The reason I recommend going to that site is because Dr. Teitelbaum teaches a course that is comprehensive and focuses on fatigue issues. The two stars after her name means she took the advanced course. At least you know she'll take your case seriously and will work with sleep, hormone, infection, and nutrition issues. Candida falls under both infection and nutrition so she'll work with you on that.

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