finding a job that pays cash?

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  1. I have pay day loans. I have no idea how to find a job that pays cash. I am sick from this stress everyday!! I have a good carpet cleaner.I actually love cleaning carpets.

    I could maybe do that a couple times a month if I FELT ok.Any ideas? Ruthie
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    Just be careful...there are a lot of freaks out there on craigslist though
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    How about ironing? I know that it's hard on the back but you could always take your time. My mom (who is in her 70's) does some ironing for a local dentist. She irons thier smocks and makes pretty decent money doing it. She'll do it at night while she's watching tv. I'm not sure how much she charges per garmet but it's certainly worth her while to do it and so many people don't like to iron any more.
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    You would have to have professional carpet cleaning equipment to do this and I would be afraid to do it without having liability insurance these days. Someone could accuse you of fading or ruining their carpet and there you would be.

    Just my thoughts on this.

    What about keeping maybe one 4 or 5 year old in your home. I use to do that and had one that was so good he was no problem or work at all.
  5. I use to take care of kids and loved it,It was easy when I had young kids. Now I worry to much about if a child would hurt themselves here. I ove the idea of helpin the elderly Ruthie
  6. How would I get into light housecleaning and eldely care. Ruthi
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    I am in the same boat Ruthie, and hate it! It takes forever to pay the principal and some more to pay it off.

    They know darn well it is not short term. But I did hear that Legislation is eliminating these practices in Az, if not, in other states. Maybe, they will accept payment plans when that happens.

    My health varies every minute of the day. I used to have garage sales, but no one wants to pay more then a quarter these days.

    Hoping for better health and finances!
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    If you are able to do this, how about posting an ad or flyer in your local grocery store, library, and maybe on craigslist saying something like "Grandma for Hire"

    I didnt pay attention to your age but I am assuming you are at least 40 and that is old enough to be a

    I think lots of parents would love to find a sitter for their kids who is more responsible than a young teen and would pay more for that luxury. You also wouldnt have to work actual day care hours..just do it for parents who want a night out. Best part of that is that unless a parent is hiring you for more than a certain amount per quarter, they dont have to 1099 you which means its under the table work.
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    I am not sure I understand. Does the job have to pay cash only, will you accept checks?

    If you want to do carpet cleaning that could be a good little business. It is very easy to set up a small business cleaning carpets, or houses.

    You need a federal id number for your business and when you do a tax return. There are throw away papers you can advertise yourself free. Also put cards up on the bulletin boards at markets.

    Keep track of your expenses for writes offs. Like the cleaning fluids, etc.

    If you really get going, you can buy insurance for your business that would cover if something was accidentally damaged.
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    You can collect money from people when they order so you don't have to pay Avon up front. I know this diagnosis makes us lose a lot of friends, but you could always leave a few catalogs in doctors offices. They have a new online feature where they can go to Avon's website under your name and order from there. You get the money without any work. I just signed up yesterday, but it seems like a good way to get some money. I've been out of work for about a year now and my poor husband can only work so much over time. Anyways, I wish you luck.