finding a knowledgable in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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    I have disabled for 15yrs., seen many doctors here and other areas in state. This past Summer, someone took me to see Dr. Jay Goldstein in Anaheim, CA. He tried me on lots of different things. Some helped, some didn't. My main symptom is headaches and cognitive problems. He went through my records and while we discussed things, he goes back to when I was 9, after a bicycle accident that I had a concussion from. The headaches started then, and various viral and bacterial infections progressed from there.
    Upon returning, this was a bad trip inwhich I'd wanted to fly, but not given that option. I was so sick and still am. My regular doctor was intimidated by me seeing a specialist and I can't find anyone to follow the regiment suggested, which isn't much different than what I was doing before. I became so bad, I was hospitalized in Sept. and I was told that I'm in another phase worse than before, which that was bad enough. The problem is just finding a doctor to treat me as a real person and just because I've had to learn about this, doesn't mean I'm telling them how to do their job. I would think, they'd want to learn about something new and I'd be their guinea pig. I'm on Medicaid and it has to be doctors that accept that on their Patient First Program. If someone knows of anyone who will just treat me, they don't have to follow this regiment, but help me with symptoms I have worse, I'd be grateful. The doctor I had been using doesn't want to deal with me anymore and I was mistreated badly in the hospital by this doctor. I can't travel to Birmingham, but it has to be in Tuscaloosa County. If anyone can suggest anyone, but contact me at Thank you- Janice
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    Hi Janice, welcome to the board, you can go to the top of this board, where it says'Doctor Referral', the doctors that are treating FM/CFS are listed by states. Hopefully there is one in your area.

    If not, I am sure there must be someone here from your area.

    I hope you find one soon, it is very hard to find doctors that are willing to listen, but less treat these two illnesses. Some just flat don't believe it exists.

    Again welcome to the board.

    Shalom, Shirl