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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by satchya, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. satchya

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    I posted this idea in the thread about being too tired to shop and cook and another member suggested that I copy and paste the idea in a separate thread as it is an idea that can be expanded to help any of us find helpers for a variety of tasks that we are too tired or hurting to take care of ourselves. So anyway, here is the post, hope it may help someone:

    I thought of another idea that may help with both the too tired to shop and too tired to cook problems. I don't know about your neighborhood, but I know in our neighborhood there are a lot of families where one or both of the adults has lost a job and is at home a lot, and is looking for odd jobs to help stretch their budget. Also there are a lot of high school students with drivers licenses and college age students home for the summer who probably have not been able to find work this Summer like usual.

    Perhaps you might be able to find someone friendly and helpful who would be willing to take your list to the store and do your shopping, bring home the groceries and get them put away for you, and then help make up a few dinners to freeze and a few to keep in the fridge for the week? It wouldn't have to be anything fancy, just regular cooking that anybody can do, but it would be healthier than take out or convenience food.

    You would be able to get what you needed from the grocery store on a more regular basis without it having to be such an ordeal, so you may be able to get fresh fruit and veggies more regularly. I have no idea if this idea would be too expensive for you, but even if you just hired, say, a 16 year old high school student for minimum wage, you'd be giving them work experience, someone they can use as a reference in the future, maybe you can even give them some cooking lessons (if there's a non-exhausting way you can do this, not sure) that they can use when they go away to college) as a partial exchange for their help?

    If you don't know anyone you could maybe call a nearby church that could recommend someone, or a local girl scout chapter (girl scouts goes all the way up to 16 or 18 years old I'm pretty sure). This is just something that occured to me today when I called my babysitter to schedule her to watch the kids next week when I go see my acupuncturist. She is a 16 year old who I started training to be a babysitter when she was 12, at the time there was no one in my neighborhood who could babysit, so I found a teenager I thought would be responsible and good with kids, and I trained her myself. Now she is the envy of all my friends (they all wish they had such a good babysitter), and she is very loyal to our family. Sometimes the help you're looking for is right in your own neighborhood :)

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    it is a very good idea if one can afford it, but unfortunately out of the question financially for me and probably for many others
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    yes for those who can afford it- great idea.

    minimum wage is what nowadays? for odd jobs - does one have to pay at least minimum wage or could it be less? yes we all know that plenty of people are looking for extra cash nowadays.

    for those who cant afford it- yes- maybe try to get it done for free (as volunteer, or work experience, or something.) or barter for it- if you have a skill to barter and you are well enough to be able to barter. barter something simple like- lessons on how to use computer (like email or print digital camera...) can anyone add to this list?? of possible batering ideas....

    or add to the list of other ways to get shopping and cooking help for free or very very low cost.

    take care all
  4. Forebearance

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    If you can afford to pay for help, you could do a google search for the name of your town and the word "errands" and see what comes up. I found several professional errand-doers that way. They charged around $10 an hour. So it cost $20 to have them do a few errands for me.

    Later I used them to help me pack up my apartment, when I was getting ready to move. One woman I found was a surgery nurse in her full-time job, and she cleaned my kitchen as if it was an operating room! Wow!

  5. jasminetee

    jasminetee Member


    That is awesome! I'm so glad you were able to find good help like that so reasonably priced and thanks for the tips.

    I may need to hire help someday to pack or do other things. I'm so afraid of people stealing from me like what happened to Laura Hillenbrand. It's great to hear a positive story. :)


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