Finding Humor with Our Pain ......................

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    Those of us with chronic pain have ended up in some compromising and embarrassing situations in the past, and most likely we will do so in the future. If we won't have a sense of humor today, don't worry, we will have time to work on one.

    Today, our greatest roadblock to a sense of humor will be our pride and perfectionism. Most of us want to do everything perfectly and we certainly don't want to look foolish doing it. For us that's almost impossible. We'll never be perfect, and having chronic pain, you can bet we will be embarrassed from time to time. Today is our day to find some humor with our pain.

    From Living With Chronic Pain One Day At A Time, by Mark Allan Zabawa
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    I have heard that laughter helps to reduce pain.
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    Laughter is the only medicine I know that works for chronic pain,I should know,after trying loads of meds which were useless,lol.
    Yeh,laughter is the best medicine.