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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JQP, Apr 2, 2006.

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    I'm going to see the GP on weds...she wanted me off the Zolpidem which had appeared to reduce effectiveness (something to do with with removing hydroxyzine which aslo helped with sleep and anxiety) Anyway, she gave me Zopiclose (I wouldn't take Tamazepam)a dn now have I had problems. night terrors, lack of sleep like youwouldn't believe...I've taken in early before bed and lie awake, I've taken it late just as I go to bed nd I like awake. I awake several times in the night and feel grim in the morning and am not functioning properly. I also take 900mg Valerian...don't drink caffeine etc...

    Any suggestions which way to go....will even consider anti-depressants ...they started up the night terrors years back so survived for a bit on St John's Wort. But the anxiety and the depression as getting more in is the rotten pain taken a hold....

    Advice that I can present to this women who last said to me: Perhaps you ought to accept that sleep is not part of your least if you are resting! Yeah right!
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    I take at night Ambien, Elavil and Trazadone at bedtime.
    It knocks me out and I am definietelyh not depressed these days. I was against it at first, but sleep became a priority. For some time I was walking the floor at 1am wondering if I could sleep.
    Good luck with the GP.

  3. Pianowoman

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    Have you tried Klonopin or Lunesta? They have been effective for many. Also Melatonin is a good one to try. It doesn't work for everyone but can be helpful. I have even heard of some Doctors rotating diferent sleep meds each night.

    Amitryptilline is one of the older ADs and had been very effective for some.
    I hope you find something. Kathy.

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