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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by TLI, Oct 3, 2006.

  1. TLI

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    How can I find a Doctor that "believes" in Fibromyalgia? I currently see a PA, at our local clinic, but his knowledge is limited. He sent me to a neuro doctor, that smirked when I explained my PA is possitive I suffer from Fibro., then said that is a nonexistant syndrome. He diagnosed me with restless leg syndrome. Now, tell me, if you can believe in something that sounds as silly as restless leg syndrome (which believe me I belive in and am sympathedic to) why can't you believe in Fibromyalgia?
    If I had a dime for everytime someone has told me it is all in my head, I would be rich! I am to the point now that I am afraid to even go to a new doctor with my symptoms. I need help with knowing what questions to ask, how to find a doctor who won't make me feel like I am making this pain and misery up. Any suggestions?
    I just want my life back. I am only 40 and there are days when I just don't feel like living is worth the effort, with the pain in my body. It is like having a monster inside me, that I can't control or get rid of. I would sure appreciate any help, anyone can offer.
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    I know what you are going through. I had to doctor-shop for quite sometime before things were clear to me. I was finally dx with fibromyalgia and then the pain was addressed.

    Do not give up. There is always someone else out there.

  3. TLI

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    What is an internist, or a PCP?
  4. TLI

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    Thank you. I will catch on. I am so gunshy about looking for a new doctor! It is awful that enough doctors treating me like I am making this up, has made me this way. I have looked up doctors in the phone book and online, as well as my family PA has recommended some, but I walk around with the phone in my hand, pacing and don't call. I feel bad enough with the symptoms, last thing I need is someone to treat me badly. I will make calls tomorrow, but can you understand what I am talking about?? Have you ever been treated that way? Like your imagining the pain and exhaustion?
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    Hi, I don't know where you are from, but in New Zealand here fibromyalgia is classed as an arthritis and is acknowledged by the Arthritis foundation.

    Try having a look for the arthritis foundation website in your country or state etc and they should have everything from information to support groups in your area.

    And if you can find support groups in your area maybe ring them to put you onto a good doctor that will treat you with the respect you deserve.

    I KNOW so much of what you are going through, although fibromyalgia is widely accepted here, cfs is not!! I suffer from both and also migraine disease. And I agree with you, How can they believe in one thing but totally dismiss anther.?

    I think they suffer from small mind syndrome myself.
    If you have to see your doctor again, tell him you have diagnosed him with SMS (small mind syndrome) and you need a new doctor!!!!

    Wishing you all the best
  6. what is an internist? He is a dr. who listens to your problems, and does alot of testing and sends you to the dr. who specializes in your problem. I went to one once and he was GREAT, I wish he hadn't retired as he I know would listen and give me pain meds no problem. I don't think their are many around now though? And you probably need a referral from your family dr. Go see one if you can. Good luck.
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    I will see what I can find tomorrow morning. It is sure nice to know that I am not alone in this world! Thank you thank you thank you! Many blessings to you. ~Teddi
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    FM is classified as a disease under the Muscleskeltal system (Arthitic Condition), however many doctors here in the US are ignorant to this and pass this off as a make believe or it's all in your head issue. Those of us who have this disease know this is untrue and are treated very poorly. Sometimes I think it's because some doctors are uncpabale of understanding the true nature/complexity of FM/MPS. Thus, playing it off as such.

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    a medical doctor who specializes and is board certified in internal medicine. A PCP is a primary care provider. This doctor can be an internal medicine specialist(internist), GP-general practitioner or family practice doctor. The highest trained of the three is the internist. I would recommend a rheumatologist or physio/rehab specialist. Just ask if they treat fibromyalgia so you don't waste your time and money.
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    An internist is trained to "diagnose" illness....which is very valuable if you have one who believes in FM/CFS.

    Another valuable resource may be a "physical medicine" doctor also called a "physiatrist". We have a local physiatrist here who is well-loved by his FM patients (on the co-cure good doc list). He is not afraid to prescribe pain meds if needed, is empathetic, and most of all, believes this is a real illness! So when you are looking for a doc, you might find this type in your area...he/she is an MD.

    Do you have a local FM/Arthritis/CFS support group in your area? Even if you are not a "joiner" by nature, it's worth attending a couple of times to meet people who can share their "good doctor" experiences with you---this can be a very valuable resource for getting a doctor referral.

    Good luck, and I hope you can find a great doctor and some support!

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