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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ckball, Aug 1, 2006.

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    I have been off the board for a while and am getting caught up.

    Fudge- I am so sorry about your kitty. I know it was a difficult decision to let her go. My heart goes out to you. But you did the right thing for her, she is at peace now.

    Findmind- I hated to read about your german shepherd. I think they are such a majestic animal. I lost my male cat a few months ago, he would have been 16 this month. My other cat Smitten does miss him, they were buddies, now she has to deal with the dogs on her own. He would stand up to them but she just runs.

    He had feline aids since he was 2, so the fact he lived as long as he did was amazing. He was there for me thru all the rough times, illness, etc. I knew he was getting worse, he started losing weight, then I got up one morning and found him laying in the kitchen floor.

    At first I hoped he was asleep, but of course was broken hearted when he didn't wake up. I made him a bed out of one my craft containers and buried him myself up on the hill of my property.

    She wasn't alone because she had her buddy. Please don't feel guilty about the fact you weren't there. It was her time. I how difficult this is, it does get a little better with time. My prayers are with you and Fudge- Carla

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  3. ckball

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    still looking for frdge and findmine
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    I thought your post was about you finding your fudge. I was going to see if you would share.
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    Hi, thanks for thinking of me.

    I posted thanks to all for the condolences and sympathy.

    I'm sorry you lost your darling cat. It is amazing how long he lived!

    My shepherd had thrombocytopenia (low platelet count), had to take predisone every other day and lived much longer than docs expected. (What do they know?)

    We are just barely making it thru the days, sad and sleeping a lot cuz the stress has made us both relapse and the costochondritis to flare up badly.

    So we have mental, physical and spirit pain; but we will be strong for her younger sister, who is missing her too.

    Thanks again for your reply and concern, The people on this board are wonderful, aren't they?

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    Carla , findmind .. others ? .. Thank you so much for posting .. I haven't been well .. I have pushed myself into sticking with my routine .. desperate to try and not think too much .. yesterday was a bad day .. pain .. hubby very good helping me do house cleaning .. but I find things so overwhelming ..

    My younger cat Lucy had her vaccinations Monday .. and felt badly Tuesday .. stayed on my son's bed all day/evening .. I brought her food in hoping she would eat .. but no .. last night was terrible .. worried about her and pain with everything plus PMS.
    It reminded me so much of how Molly was ill .. a nightmare situation again.

    We all have such grief to deal with .. but hearing about others with their situations helps .. it is sad , but it helps to know others are so touched by their furry companions too. I will remember and miss my Molly as long as I live .. my son and husband will too.

    We took a huge leap and found a kitten .. before this all happened to us .. I thought it was strange how people went out and found another pet .. two of my friends did that quickly after their beloved died .. but now I UNDERSTAND .. the hole in your heart is just too big .. a new little life does NOT replace the one you lost .. but it brings a spark of life into your home where such sadness engulfed us ..

    Lucy is not delighted with little Sophie (part Himalayn, part Maincoon)but already we had seen her curiosity and interest .. and we know companionship will form .. she will have company in cat form when we aren't in the house.

    Our grief is still with us .. too raw yet .. but with time it will start to heal .. never forgotten though .. Sophie is our little bright light to help .. and Lucy is our mainstay, she grounds us.

    Again .. I so appreciate this post .. thank you so much !
    Joy : )

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