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    I could not find the information you had posted previously. Could you update? thanks

    If Sick, Do Not Retire, Get SSDI
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    I don't know anything regarding your conversation with findmind; however, I just want to comment on your last line of your post ....

    I was sick for practically all of the 30 years that I worked.

    I DID retire -- I took early retirement at age 48.

    One year after my retirement, I applied for SSDI and received it on my first try -- in 4 months after I first applied.

    I now receive a pension check for my retirement (and have medical/dental/eye/drug insurance coverage from my former employer and a disability check from Social Security (and receive Medicare). I pay a lot for the health coverage, but it is a good plan and I am thankful for it, because I certainly do need it! LOL
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    I think I was trying to convey to you that if your only retirement income would be SS, and you are sick, it is better to retire on disability, because it is sort of "replacement" income (but very low).

    The nice thing is, your SSDI income goes up by a small percentage every year, and it WILL always be more than you would receive by waiting to retirement age and collecting plain Soc. Sec.

    If you have documentation of illness that is probable to last more than 12 months, and it prevents you from working (because you can't deal with the pain, even with meds; you can't think straight because of pain and meds; you can't get to sleep at nite because of pain, upside-down circadian rhythms, etc); and especially if you have a combination of diagnoses that all together, they make you too sick to be a dependable worker, then file for SSDI after it's all documented and you have a doctor recommend you stop working.

    You can just call 1-800-1213 and ask them how much it would be; they'll either figure it right then or send you a form to fill out. Then compare that with what you would get by regular retirement, early or at age (what is it now? 62,65, 67, what?)

    Good luck to you...also, the site disabilitysecrets as been mentioned a lot here...check it out.

    Good luck to you....