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    You mentioned in an article that you did not know how to cut and paste....I will try and tell you how to copy and paste...or try. I hope I am clear....

    LEFT click and hold the button down over what you want to copy.....drag it.. across the words you want to copy.....do not let the button up.This will high light (In blue of whiate background)the words you mean to copy.

    When at the end of what you wish to copy....let the button return to normal.

    RIGHT CLICK and your right side of your mouse ===You will get a drop down menu...
    Click onto COPY. Menu disappears then.

    Next go to where you want to place what you copied and press the right click again and that drop menu will appear again......
    Click onto the PASTE EUREKA.....job done.

    Just play with it.....it is so helpful to have this. I HOPE this helps...I am not the best in explaining and I am not there to show you...just work with it...easy....as most things are once you know how.

    FIBRO Hugs and Blessings..........Susan
  2. sues1

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    I hope she sees this
  3. findmind

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    OMG, I just remembered to look at my screen name is search area! LOL, talk about forgetful...

    Anyhow, you were so sweet to give me those great instructions for c & p, I wanted to thank you profusely and apologize for not "being there" when I should have.

    We have a problem, tho...I have Webtv and do not have a mouse and cannot drag anything!!!

    BUT, I did go to their instructions section and print instructions, so MAYBE I'll learn it yet! Actually, your instructions are also helpful in that they are very clear and add to what MSNTV has for me to use.

    So, dear thing, thank you so much...

    Ta da...off to apologize to some others! LOL

    Love ya,
  4. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    Just want you to know that I got your reply.if you check back. No problem in you not replying, I just wanted you to have the info and maybe someone else would find it useful.


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