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    Findmind,to answer your questions.haha sorry I failed to tell the reason we never married. I hope this isn't to long. I was married in 84 at the age of 29(late start)haha I got pregnant 4 yrs later and miscarried.One yr to the date my loving,caring husband who was 16 yrs older than past away with a heartattack and angina.In order to get through this I said well God needed my husband to watch after our baby more than I did so He took him.10 months later one of my brothers died and less than a yr. later I was shot by my sisters boyfriend.I went with her to pick up her clothes and he didn't won't her to leave so he shot me, and she was running to get away from he. Yes, she is my sister and yes, I would do it again but in a different next time but still she is my sister. The guy I met was my employee (he never liked to answer to a woman)haha anyway he lived two doors down from me when I was shot so he would always check on me.We then started seeing each other and the rest is history. We never got married because he was working alot and first one thing then another.Excuse after excuse.Anyway, when I turned 50 (wow) I got my widows pension from my husband and couldn't afford to loose it. I cant be married and have that. I didn't make alot on ssd so I needed it. Now I'm glad we never married.hahaha I don't have any kids now,not married but I have a sweet dog.The four legged kind.hahahaha She is all I need too. I am doing good since my stroke,speach is a little slurred but I am still here.haha Take care and I'll write you later.

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    What a life story! Thank you so much for sharing it with me. My deepest sympathy that you have had such tragic losses, a baby, husband, brother, and your health.

    You sound like a very strong person, one who can love freely and yet still be independent and not cling to the past.

    Such wonderful qualities. I'm so glad the stroke didn't leave you with severe permanent damage and also that you have a wonderful little critter to keep you company.

    BTW, the loss of the two-timer is no loss! Keep your eyes open for a "keeper"!

    When you write, could you break it into short paragraphs for me? I get dizzy and fall off chairs very easily, LOL,, in fact, then I fall on floor, and its then FOF, LOL :)

    Thanks for the reply, I love hearing stories of people's lives.

    There's always hope!
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    I am so sorry. I am new to this site and to the
    computer. Did I make it short enough, or do I do
    it somehow with the computer.How can you tell if you have a message or reply? I am trying to understand the way this site works.hahaha My legs and feet are really giving
    me trouble today. I would kick myself in the butt and
    keep on going,but my feet won't reach my butt.hahhaaha
    Well, i reckon I better go. Hope to talk to you real
    soon. Take care of yourself and remember when you get
    down, just read my
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    So sorry, didn't explain myself very well...I meant make shorter paragraphs, but you can write FOREVER! Just make a trillion paragraphs, ok?

    When I sign on, I go to under my profile and look at the "day before" date and enter in on the postings I made to see what the replies were after I posted.

    I press a "back" key after I see those postings and am done with it, then go on to the next one on that same date. They change colors while you are doing this, but the next day, all dates and posts are the same color again.

    After that, I go to search box and enter my own name, and "By Title"/GO...that way I see any posts that have my name in the title...usually answers to other posts, but someone wants to say something more directly to me.

    That way I can keep better track of where I've been and what I've done....or I'm totally lost!

    I only have webtv, so I can't do some things computer users do. For instance, I can't see a post while I'm replying to others...I have to move up and down the screen to reread paragraphs in order to remember what I just read, HA!

    Ok, have to go look around some more...