Fingernail Ridging = FM, LeakyGut?

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  1. lone-wolf

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    Does anyone know why (or have) I have deep longitudinal ridges on my finger and toenails? One toenail is actually split from the nail bed to the end up on one of the ridges. Also have horizontal ridges on one of my thumbs and the nail is bumpy/lumpy, those have been there since I was eighteen, now 51. Horizontal ridge and bumpies on thumb started while I was pregnant with my second son... he was born with the same thing on his thumb and still has it today.

    I had read that the longitudinal ridges were common in people with FM and at the support group I attend there were four out of eight of us that had them and one had a thumb nail like mine with the horizontal ridges and bumps and lumps.

    I also read the ridging could be a sign of leaky gut syndrome = malabsobption = mineral deficiency = malnutrition.

    Been taking colloidal minerals for a few months.

    Thanks! Karen

  2. pearls

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    "Fibromyalgia and Chronia Myofascial Pain," by Devin Starlanyl and Mary Ellen Copeland deals with this in Chapter 8, Section 1, Number 10. Dr. Starlanyl says that this problem is common with FMS sufferers, and that it is associated with chronic lack of oxygen, chronic infections, or adrenal problems, but it may also be inherited. [I read this as FMS may not be the only cause.] Any chronic pain state causes fewer nutrients to get to areas of the body less important than, say, the heart, resulting in difficulties such as vertical ridges in fingernails, breaking off and/or curving under. Also, hair loss may be related because this kind of tissue is similar to fingernail tissue. To top it all off, "There may even be a detachment of the nail bed from the overlying plate."

    I don't know about the bumps or horizontal ridges.

    However - and this is my own observation - I would NOT say, "These problems = FM." A person with FM may have these problems, but that's saying something else entirely than these problems equal FM. FMS is diagnosed by length and patterns of chronic pain and tenderpoints. A person with FMS has widespread, altered, amplified, and intensified reaction to painful sensations. Feeling like "the flu that never went away" or being tired all the time can also be a part of FMS. The doctor who diagnoses a person with FMS may not be interested in nail ridges at all! (Mine isn't, but I wish that wasn't the case.) There could be tens, scores, nay, hundreds of things associated with FMS, but the diagnosis is much more restricted than the sum of these things, most of which can be caused by any number of other reasons other than FMS.

    By the way, if there is any way you can purchase Dr. Starlanyl's books, the one mentioned above and "The Fibromyalgia Advocate," do so! I've found it so very helpful to keep these books around for reference and can't imagine being without them.

  3. mamafurr

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    i have the same thing in my thumb nails and especially my left one. i think my mom had the same thing. thought it was some type of vitamin never thought it could be related. however, there is NO malnutrition here LOL..fat a a little piggy. :)
    thx for the what to do about it
  4. Plantscaper

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    prior to being diagnosed with RA, Rhuematoid Vasculitis, which are somewhat related to FM..She did not know why she had this, either..although, some kind of malnutrition I always suspected..

    Now, she has had a funguses on her thumb, which has not been successfully treated by her allopathic docs, so, I am trying to use Oregano Oil to see if it could be effective..It is known to be effective in funguses of the toenails..

  5. ssMarilyn

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    I've read that the fingernail thing can also indicate a thyroid problem.

  6. pearls

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    Alice, You can have malnutrition without being skinny, if that's what you meant. All that means is that the nutrients you take in are not being absorbed. You can be getting enough calories, but not enough Vitamin B6, for instance, because the B6 that you are getting is not getting through, so to speak. Those of us with FMS and CFS have very prone to the problem of nutrient malabsorbtion, I understand.

    Marilyn, the thyroid connection sounds plausible to me.

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  7. klutzo

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    Nails that curve under can indicate low thyroid function.

    Nails that curve up can indicate anemia. So can vertical ridges.

    White spots can indicate zinc deficiency.

    Dark red streaks can indicate blood that is too thin.

    Prominent opaque moons can indicate heart disease.

    The horizontal bumps and ridges are called Beau lines. They occur due to injury to the nail bed, or due to having an illness that is severe enough to stop nail growth during periodic flares, leading to a stop-start-stop pattern of growth that causes the ridges. You may notice your hair growing more slowly during flares as well.

    I've probably forgotten a few other ones, but these are the ones I remember.

  8. lone-wolf

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    I appreciate the info from all, very interesting! All these years and the doctors I asked had no idea what to tell me about my nails.

    Thanks! Karen
  9. klarry

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    I just read your earlier posting. I have terrible ridging. My nails tend to split and break off. Although I am suspicious of FM, my dermatologist says that the condition is inherited.
  10. Sky

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    What about little tiny circle indents? It actually looks like a pin hole, but doesn't go thru the whole nail. I though I read somewhere that it meant something, but I cannot for the life of me remember where. I searched the archives here, but nothing. Also searched the internet and didn't find anything either.

    Also regarding the prominent moons. What does that mean? I Can only see moons on my thumbs, which are rather large and very white. Could that possibly mean some type of heart disease? About two years ago I had the typical heart beating really fast problem. Wore a heart monitor for 2 months along with having an ultrasound done of the heart. There was nothing to be found and I went to the top cardiologist at my hospital.

    I'm stumped on these nail problems. Mine are in horrible shape. Mostly spliting but I think that has more to do with being in the pool almost everyday.

  11. Stillkicking

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    Ridging is a problem caused by thiamine or B1 deficency. The mucus membranes which line the nasal/sinus, digestive system and the covering of the nerves need a lot of thiamine. A deficency will show up as stomach problems and ridged nails. Because the body absorbs this slowly, try taking small amounts of a thiamine supplement with each meal even if you have to break up a pill for a month or so.
    Stress or illness often causes this to occur.

  12. klutzo

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    That is one of the ones I forgot!
    The pin holes are called "pitting" and they can mean psoriasis of the hands, or psoriatic arthritis.
    I have this, and have had mammograms of both hands to see if I have psoriatic arthritis with no results.
    While I don't appear to have psoriasis, I do have to clip dead skin from around my nails daily, as it peels off and replaces itself very fast,which is a sign of psoriasis.

    Opaque white moons alone should never be used to dx heart disease. I was also taught that a deep diagonal crease in the ear lobe has an 85% correlation with heart disease, but I would never use that for sole dx either. If you have no risk factors and no symptoms, please don't worry.

  13. Sky

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    Klutzo, thanks for that information. I do have psoriasis, but never had it on my hands. Mainly my elbows and sometimes under my eye, but that has been ages ago. My grandmother, uncles, dad all had/have really bad psoriasis. Mine tends to come with stress. But I have that very much under control now and haven't had a flare up in about 3 years.

    I knew someone would know about the pinholes! I don't have them on all the nails, just 2 out of 10.

    Yeah, I know my heart is okay. I'm not going to worry about my prominent moons on my thumbs. All is good.

    Thanks for the info!