Fingers slowly deforming?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Smiffy, Nov 27, 2005.

  1. Smiffy

    Smiffy Member

    My fingers have been slowly deforming - twisting & bending under each other during the 18 years I've had fibro. I don't have arthritis. Is anyone else finding this; is your doctor concerned (mine isn't)?
  2. smiffy79

    smiffy79 New Member

    hi smiffy

    yes my fingers have become very nodular and my toes.
    i can pull my toes straight with my hands but cant do it by stretching them out.

    my tests for ra came back negative and no my dr isnt worried either.
  3. Musica

    Musica New Member

    Rheumatoid arthritis does cause twisting and deforming, especially when left untreated.

    When I got a referral to a rheumy, my GP was certain I did not have RA, but thought something was going on that warranted a rheumy's attention. Is your doctor a family doctor or rheumy? Rheumies are the experts, and they aren't always right either!

    There are many cases of seronegative RA, meaning the RF (rheumatoid factor) blood test comes back negative. Blood tests are only ONE indicator of RA. More important is the physical exam AND what the patient reports.

    Do you have swelling and stiffness on both sides of your body, mirroring each other? In other words, both hands, both feet, both elbows, etc.? That is a major indicator of RA, as well.

    Please be re-evaluated and have at least x-rays taken, if not MRI's, which are best. If you are seeing a GP, get a rheumy referral. If you are seeing a rheumy, get another opinion or two. Deformities are something that doesn't have to happen in most RA cases anymore, because there are great meds now that prevent that. Please, whether it is or isn't RA, please insist on further evaluations.

    I will try to find the 7 criteria for diagnosing RA. In the meantime, you might look up the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) website.
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  4. ldbgcoleman

    ldbgcoleman New Member

    I would absolutely get a second opinion. No matter how much you like and trust your Dr they are human and can be wrong. Lynn
  5. Smiffy

    Smiffy Member

    Thankyou all so very much for your posts. I don't have any swelling & have been told by a rheumatologist that I don't have arthritis. However, it's very odd as it doesn't seem to be a symptom of FMS. I'll ask my GP again about it.
  6. ksp56

    ksp56 Member

    Hi Smiffy!

    I did test positive for rhuematoid. My doctor did diagosis me for Fibro, but said he would check regulary to see if the rhematoid reared it's head.

    My fingers have knots on them and the fingers on my right hand, seem to gradually being turning inwards. After the holidays, I need to see him again. I also have osteoarthritis throughout my body.

    The test doesn't always come back positive. Please seek another opinion.

    Take care!

  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I would definitely get another opinion. Have you ever taken Doxycycline or another ABX for your FMS? Check out the Roadback Foundation website. They are having really good luck in treating RA with ABX. ABX are also being used to treat FMS and CFIDS. Perhaps you could kill two birds with one stone.

    I do not believe this is nothing to worry about without another opinion. Deformity is not normal.

    Good luck to you and please, let us know how you are doing.

    Love, Mikie
  8. gnanny

    gnanny New Member

    I noticed first that I had a hard time extending a flat palm for change or to did change out of my wallet etc.

    My feet have been doing the same...when I asked if it was arthritis that made my feet do that they showed no interest. Only interested in getting me into surgery to fix it, not finding out why. I dont know if its because the muscles/tendons arent strong enough anymore to hold the shape they used to.
    curious though.
  9. kalley167

    kalley167 New Member

    Fibromyalgia does not cause deformity. There has to be something arthritic present. I hope you find the answers and relief you need.
  10. Bambi

    Bambi New Member

    definitely getting knobby and at times swell. I have OA and Osteoporosis, I tested negative for RA but wonder nonetheless. I'm so tired of tests and negative results anyway. I'll just see what happens. Some days they look normal, well normal for me. I don't know where I got my hands, they don't look like my mom's family and I haven't seen my dad's side of women's hands, they don't look like his. A friend told me years ago my hands looked like I'd develop arthritis, nice huh? Well she was right I guess. I'm more disgusted with the wrinkles right now. My son in law says a woman can hide her age except for her hands and neck. Smart
    aleck!! I love him!
  11. Yucca13

    Yucca13 Member

    These are enlargements of the last phalanges (joints) of fingers - nearest the fingernail. They can be tender and seem to be something that is passed on genetically. (My mother's fingers are affected, but yet she doesn't have much arthritis anywhere else at 85!) They appear as a spur type bump on the top of the joint and eventually twist the top of the finger to one side. It is seen in people with osteoarthritis.
  12. Musica

    Musica New Member

    Here are the criteria I was trying to find earlier. Remember, there are over 100 types of arthritis, and there are probably other conditions that can cause deformities. Whatever it is, I don't think you should be satisfied with the opinion you have! Perhaps another consult with another rheumy, or even an ortho.

    At the least, have your hands x-rayed! There is something wrong that you should be properly evaluated and treated for. If not RA, then possibly osteoarthritis or another joint condition.


    1987 Criteria for the Classification of Acute Arthritis of Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Criterion Definition
    1. Morning stiffness
    Morning stiffness in and around the joints, lasting at least 1 hour before maximal improvement

    2. Arthritis of 3 or more joint areas
    At least 3 joint areas simultaneously have had soft tissue swelling or fluid (not bony overgrowth alone) observed by a physician. The 14 possible areas are right or left PIP, MCP, wrist, elbow, knee, ankle, and MTP joints

    3. Arthritis of hand joints
    At least 1 area swollen (as defined above) in a wrist, MCP, or PIP joint

    4. Symmetric arthritis
    Simultaneous involvement of the same joint areas (as defined in 2) on both sides fo the body (bilateral involvement of PIPs, MCPs, or MTPs is acceptable without absolute symmetry)

    5. Rheumatoid nodules
    Subcutaneous nodules, over bony prominences, or extensor surfaces, or in juxtaarticular regions, observed by a physician

    6. Serum rheumatoid factor
    Demonstration of abnormal amounts of serum rheumatoid factor by any method for which the result has been positive in <5% of normal control subjects

    7. Radiographic changes
    Radiographic changes typical of rheumatoid arthritis on posteroanterior hand and wrist radiographs, which must include erosions or unequivocal bony decalcification localized in or most marked adjacent to the involved joints (osteoarthritis changes alone do not qualify)

    * For classification purposes, a patient shall be said to have rheumatoid arthritis if he/she has satisfied at least 4 or these 7 criteria. Criteria 1 through 4 must have been present for at least 6 weeks. Patients with 2 clinical diagnoses are not excluded. Designation as classic, definite, or probable rheumatoid arthritis is not to be made.

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  13. JLH

    JLH New Member

    Gee, Smiffy, I certainly hate to hear that! It really sounds like you have rheumatoid arthritis!

    I am appalled that your doctor is not concerned with this! I would bring it up each time I visited him and tell him that you will continue to until he gives you the real reason why they are doing it!

    Have they run any tests for RA?

    I've had fibro for a long, long time and my fingers are not deformed. I have osteoarthritis in them and they are stiff and painful, and I feel like my knuckles are starting to get larger, but no deformaties.

    I think I would get another opinion.

  14. Smiffy

    Smiffy Member

    Hugs to everyone who is also experiencing this, & thanks for responding. (I will definitely have it checked out, there's lots of arthritis in my family.) It's good to have all of you to ask things!
  15. kch64

    kch64 New Member

    Fibro doesn't cause this. Definately get a second opinion.

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