Finished taping for Fibromyalgia video

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    Today was the day I was interviewed about fibromylagia and how it has impacted my life. I was very impressed by the couple who came to do it. She is producing it and has FM herself. Her husband read a list of have just who me talking about FM and all the ways it has impacted my life.

    They are talking to a lot of people who specialize in FM, including my doc, which is where they got my name. They have talked to Jacob Teitlebaum and were quite impressed by him and how unpretentious he was. They will also be interviewing a neuro-therapist (?) who apparently is well known in the DC area.

    They said it will be finished in May and they will send me a copy. If it turns out good, which I think it will, I'll let you know how to get a copy. They are interested in marketing it across the country, so if anyone has an in with a TV channel or cable company let me know and I'll pass the info on to them. This is being done as an educational venture with the hopes of informing more people about what we live with every day.


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    Hi, Barbara:

    That is such good news. We need all the publicity we can get. I am sure all of us here appreciate your willingness to participate with this project. I would be really interested to see this video. Please keep us updated on when it's ready or if we can see it on t.v.

    Thanks for sharing this.

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    that is really great! I guess if the "big names" (like Oprah, etc.) aren't going to touch fibro than grass roots publicity will get the job done. I would be interested too in obtaining a copy of the video so I will be watching here for the information. You must be excited to have participated in such a venture. I wish the producers of the video good luck!

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    Fantastic!!! Please DO let us know how to get a copy! This is such GREAT news! Hopefully it will go over big, get put on LOTS of stations and finally bring attention to what we have to live with!! A double YOU GO GIRL!! Now, how do we get the Oprahs, Montels, Maurys, etc. to become interested?!?!
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    Can I ask what their original purpose for the tape was?
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    When the producer first spoke with me she told me she wanted to make it educational to inform more people about FM. Since she works for the Arlington, VA cable company she hopes to be able to reach some of the national legislators and others who have power in the government. I'm not sure how many live in Arlington and will be able to see the show.

    I hope she will be able to market it to other cable companies in our metro area to begin with. She has connections in Texas and plans to try to market it there. She told me she used to live in San Antonio.

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    I am sure with your knowledge you were a great help.Am looking forward to seeing it.Keep us informed