Firbro Foggin' It

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mamazbutterflyz, Jun 17, 2003.

  1. mamazbutterflyz

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    LoL, ok, this is a silly thing to deal with. I know ya'll know this but........gads how do you all cope with being *Empty Minded*? Cripes sometimes I forget what I just did seconds after I did it...I do have a great sense of humor about it as does my husband....he told me that "When you get *real real* bad with it, I am going to come home and ask who you are and say *Your not my wife*" Yes, tis true he's a silly one, lol. Sad thing? I think I would fall for it! Lmao...*sigh*, I am just wondering how ya'll deal with your fog....let me know, thx and ((((((((((SoftFibroHugz)))))) I hope ya'll take care and enjoy your evening/day =)

  2. elaine_p

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    When I'm not handling the illness (CFS) well, I get annoyed. When I am handling it well, I just accept it.

    Sometimes I wish this illness had struck me dumb (meaning stupid), since then I wouldn't know the difference from how I was before and wouldn't feel stupid!
  3. averilpam

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    ..... so sometimes she maybe misses a meal, and sometimes maybe gets an extra one!!